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by brewertontc
Mon Jan 31, 2011 7:23 am
Forum: General Synthesizers
Topic: What was the cheapest Synth you ever bought?
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Re: What was the cheapest Synth you ever bought?

I found a spinet piano outside of a broken-down church. It was horribly out of tune. Somehow I managed to get it into the doorway, where it likely remains to this day (I didn't take it with me when I moved out of the apartment). Did you know that even small pianos weigh like 500 pounds? And that the...
by brewertontc
Tue Jan 25, 2011 6:10 am
Forum: Buyer's Guide
Topic: [noob] Synth choice help
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Re: [noob] Synth choice help

I thoroughly enjoy the sounds that come from my Micron, but its interface isn't exactly the easiest to learn on. That said, once you learn what all of the important acronyms mean, and what those things do, it'll get substantially easier, especially if you use the shortcut keys. I'm not sure if the M...