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by gryphon
Tue Dec 05, 2006 6:28 am
Forum: General Synthesizers
Topic: How much gear did you have in high school?
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I got out of high school about six months or so ago and I had
juno 60
72' Twin reverb
Les paul junior
les paul standard copy
some 80's aria that looks like an SG
70's 16-channel mackie console
presonus firepod, x2 tube pre
alesis graphic EQ
i forget
oh yeah a ton of fx and my macbook
by gryphon
Wed Nov 29, 2006 5:37 pm
Forum: Software Synthesizers
Topic: In the year 2006, why MONO ?
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another consideration with using stereo sources (from synths especially) is phase coherency- all throughout the the audio path (after you leave the key output) phase problems can be introduced, and can make your wicked auto-panning lead sound thin and, well, not wicked. Just your cables, much less a...
by gryphon
Thu Nov 16, 2006 4:50 am
Forum: Software Synthesizers
Topic: best 8-channel audio interface
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best 8-channel audio interface

i rent a PreSonus Firepod right now, and the clock seems to be a bit inconsistent sometimes (popping, etc.) and the preamps are, while not bad, a bit weird. (particularly for rhythmic elements like live drums, grooveboxes, etc.) I feel like there's some phase issues going on in the low end or someth...
by gryphon
Sun Nov 12, 2006 9:25 pm
Forum: General Synthesizers
Topic: m83 sounds
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m83 sounds

save us from the flames and other m83 songs have some pretty incredible layered sounds. anyone know what he/they use? i love the hard 8th note sequenced sounds juxtaposed against all this syncopation in the other parts.