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by HH
Sun May 06, 2007 8:46 am
Forum: The Listening Lounge
Topic: Creating tracks entirely with a single monosynth
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Another MS20 demo from me (which i've posted some time ago in the LL) ... parody.mp3

by HH
Thu Mar 15, 2007 10:16 pm
Forum: The Listening Lounge
Topic: Synth examples, post them here.
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a new Juno 106 demo:

not much effects.

by HH
Mon Jul 03, 2006 7:51 am
Forum: General Synthesizers
Topic: synth and cinema
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Greenwich Mean Time (The GMT)

a pretty "leaving you depressed for a couple of days" movie about a life of a UK band (made-up) which played a mix of jazz and jungle.

there's a waldorf wave in the film's scenes with their shows.

all the best,