Sequential Six Trak: Sell or keep?

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Sequential Six Trak: Sell or keep?

Post by AG-emery » Thu Sep 24, 2020 2:58 am

What would you recommend? Where would you sell this or who would you try to reach?

I have a working Sequential Six Trak that has some wear and tear on the outside. Two of the keys are gone, one corner of the wood is chipped and one of the wheels needs to be re-mounted. The pads under the missing keys work and so does the wheel that needs to be remounted.

It still sounds great.

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Re: Sequential Six Trak: Sell or keep?

Post by syevad » Fri Sep 25, 2020 10:41 pm

Only you should know the right answer...

I don't belive the prices I see around this synth are real - I mean some are asking more than £1300!! Then the real sums exchanged are probably around £600 (in good conditions) which is a very good value for such an old synth - think how many newer alternatives you could get for that amount of money - e.g. a Microkorg and a Micron together! - and some extra money left in your pocket too! Then for yours you'll probably struggle to get £500 (according to your description).

Personally, I love's so easy to open and mess about - so well built, no wonder there are so many mods of enthusiasts out there. it feels "yours" cos' is so feel in total control while the vastity of options offered by more modern and complex synths while intriguing is also bewildering and an hindrance to creativity (my opinion - sometimes the less is more).

the MIDI is limited but still very usable even in modern setups...and the reason why this synth is still so popular today (it was ahead of its time).

the sound? It's subjective but IMO this is the strongest point about this synth - the single voice in itself apart for some quirkness which make it quite unique doesn't offer much and apparently it is a bit on the thin side - but the Stack, I mean...where did it come from? Such a brilliant and simple concept can blow away even the most powerful modern synth.

Oh...and it's multitimbral...sometimes this useful functionality is overlooked but I personally find it very useful.

The sequencer isn't much...but again its simplicity is quite "artistic" if you get the quantizing options to mess about just play and trust your instinct - a useful notepad to develop on your DAW later on.
I've never been a fan of synth sequencers anyway - I have a Korg Trinity and while the sequencer is very well designed I see no point to squeeze all info in that small screen and always revert to the sequencer on my PC - so see? even in this field the SixTrak isn't obsolete - it is just perfect.

What else? The wooden sides...the shape...everything about this synth is just spot on.

The interface has been widely criticized...I remember though when I first bought this synth (more than 25 years ago) that it wasn't an issue as I had an Atari STE and made my own program to edit all parameters via mouse and keyboard in front of a screen (it was so easy to program and again - ahead of its time).

The only thing I really miss is the Velocity (apparently the MultiTrak and the Max do offer velocity).

I might buy yours for £400 (that's my price for a second ST - it would be higher if I had none) so I could experiment with the 6 outputs without risking the lot...

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Re: Sequential Six Trak: Sell or keep?

Post by ppg_wavecomputer » Sun Sep 27, 2020 9:35 pm

Sell it.

Once it breaks, it will cost more to fix it than it's worth, and in terms of sound I've seen better choices.

It was a cheap compromise back in the day -- and a failed attempt at saving Sequential's arse --, and it still shows today.

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