Behringer's Mini Moog

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Re: Behringer's Mini Moog

Post by elsongs » Sat Mar 11, 2017 1:51 pm

tim gueguen wrote:An obvious question is if the "trade dress" is close enough to get them in trouble like their Boss pedal clones did, and does Moog have the resources to sue them if such a claim is possible. As some of you may remember the original design for their Boss pedal clones was literally a direct copy of Boss's classic case and knobs, minus the pedal set screw. By the time they hit the market Behringer had redesigned them to the current form they use.
I read in a recent article on the Behringer Minimoog clone that the patent for the Minimoog had already expired, which gives them (and anyone, really) free reign over the design. It's actually not that different than those hundreds of guitar manufacturers coming out with Strat or Les Paul clones.

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Re: Behringer's Mini Moog

Post by jxalex » Sat Mar 11, 2017 2:24 pm

Steve Jones wrote:It's clickbait. Every few years they pop a "question" onto social media to create a click storm and lots of chatter to increase Google rankings for their brand. "Would you like us to make a $1000 ARP Odyssey?" "Would you mind if we made a $600 Minimoog"? I am even beginning to wonder if the $1000 Juno-106 clone was a fake too. Where is it?

well, thats why my VSE is the only "social network" to me, and I never use that F*ckbook and I have a blockade for all google servers and others "survey server" links.
I think I miss nothing becouse of this. How many "new" synths and racks I buy anyway if having 26 synths already; the old real thing is close to the same price as a new knockoff or its quality is that I have to repair it after couple years!

This is it with Behringer -- EVERY unit I had to open whatever if it is mixing console or effect units. They discontinue their products very fast! They provide no service manual and spares/upgrade options are scarce resources.
HOwever nothing wrong if just making a routine of it -- after buying directly opening the box and inspecting how it is done, fixing the design flaws, resoldering, re-capping chinese capacitors to japanese caps. :D :D

IMHO: If you do not have SMD resoldering station, oscilloscope and will to reverse engineer and maintain
then the Behringers products are not for YOu in a long run and the older pricy synths are better alternative in this case and you save the time with it. (So, buy old Juno-106, TR808, whatever instead of Behringers some synths as there are also schematics available).
But if You have all the equipment, time and will, then You can save a big bucks with it.

If the Behringer would make a recording equipment then I certainly would not use it in a critical applications (recording dying mans last words?) without at first opening the units case and doing overhowl, re-capping and some reverse engineering.

That Juno clone. Like this but without keyboard? ... 13#p770487

And why do they think that it's OK to copy other designers work? I find it deeply offensive.
It certainly is backfiring if the manufacturers overcharge too much for the components and thats why the cheaper knockoffs will get the chance.
Well, do you remember Soundblasters MIDI-gameport adapter? The price with which they sold and what the components actual worth was... ;) Certainly it is not the same with MiniMoog things, but imagine that all began with one mans dream to make more affordable ("why the mixing console must be with a price of a car?" ).

I think that everyone have revived itself from that TB303 fewer, after there are now do-it-yourself replica kits available? I built 2 of them and they work.

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Re: Behringer's Mini Moog

Post by rsaintjohn » Sat Mar 11, 2017 5:52 pm

elsongs wrote:I read in a recent article on the Behringer Minimoog clone that the patent for the Minimoog had already expired, which gives them (and anyone, really) free reign over the design. It's actually not that different than those hundreds of guitar manufacturers coming out with Strat or Les Paul clones.
The patents (there were a number of them embodied in the Minimoog Model D) were for designs of things like the engineering design of the VCF. That's a totally different thing than trade dress, as Tim correctly points out. The look and feel of a product is not something you patent. Trade dress is the visual design of a product: typeface, colors, layout, packaging and so on. That is closer related to trademark law than patent law.

Put another way, it's the difference between engineering and marketing. That Behringer is possibly making a Model D clone, markets it as a Minimoog clone, and has obviously made efforts to make it look like a Moog product related to Moog's own Model D could, in the future, turn out to be a problem for Behringer.

But I suspect that this is just Uli's marketing tactic at the moment, and the final product will look (and sound) about as close to a Model D as their DM12 does to a Juno 106.

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Re: Behringer's Mini Moog

Post by meatballfulton » Sun Mar 12, 2017 12:14 pm

Moog hasn't sued Macbeth or Studio Electronics.
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Re: Behringer's Mini Moog

Post by phesago » Sun Mar 12, 2017 3:31 pm

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