Waldorf Quantum - new 8 voice hybrid poly

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Re: Waldorf Quantum - new 8 voice hybrid poly

Post by Bitexion » Thu Apr 06, 2017 7:49 am

Ah yes, the Waldorf Wave. That OTHER synth everyone had heard of but never seen or played.

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Re: Waldorf Quantum - new 8 voice hybrid poly

Post by elsongs » Thu Apr 06, 2017 8:35 am

Whoa...the thing ACTUALLY has a five-octave keyboard with full-size keys! SHOCKED! :shock:

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Re: Waldorf Quantum - new 8 voice hybrid poly

Post by minime123 » Thu Apr 06, 2017 5:23 pm

i dont need any new synths, but that speech patch was pretty awesome.
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Re: Waldorf Quantum - new 8 voice hybrid poly

Post by Ashe37 » Thu Apr 06, 2017 6:33 pm

Bitexion wrote:Ah yes, the Waldorf Wave. That OTHER synth everyone had heard of but never seen or played.
Hey I played one for about 20 minutes at Noisebug back when the storefront was actually open....

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Re: Waldorf Quantum - new 8 voice hybrid poly

Post by AIDS » Sun Apr 09, 2017 7:18 pm

Hybrid88 wrote:Yes touchscreen! Finally. Love the design and features but just never been into the Waldorf sound and this is no different. Nice synth though.
Much the same, it's very nice but I can't get on with Waldorf either.

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Re: Waldorf Quantum - new 8 voice hybrid poly

Post by thermite zapruder » Wed Apr 12, 2017 5:58 pm

I could not be more excited for this synth. I *love* hybrids--something about those wavetable timbres carved up by a analog filter just gets to me--and ever since I became aware of the PPG, have lusted after that sound. Even in my most rash phase of GAS, though, and even when I had the job to support such a purchase, going after a PPG seemed foolhardy for a guy with no electronics skills...and with a completists's impulse that left me knowing I would never be fully content unless I had the full setup, with Waveterm (and a la VSE member Waveterm). And I could never justify the expense (and corresponding upkeep) of a Wave.

I scored an Evolver desktop not long after they came out, and I loved it and love it still. But for all its interest and versatility, it doesn't have *that* sound. I acquired an ESQ-1, but never find myself satisfied by the filter, with the artificial constraints the OS puts on its resonance. And while it *is* true that the ESQ-1 is easy to program for a synth of its type, I can't say that I've ever found it a joy to program, especially given the need to re-trigger a note in order to hear programming changes. I've come to look at programming it as a duty--a happy duty, but not something that comes automatically. For analog sounds, I go to my analogs first; for digital timbres, I go to the Evolver first. So every once in a while I realize I haven't given the ESQ-1 much love and I spend some time with it and...usually come up with some patch that utilizes noise and vocal timbres and end up frustrated, in the end, with the filter limitations. Unlike many, I do like the keyboard, and the (for my studio) relatively robust MIDI implementation, so it earns its keep in my studio mostly as a MIDI keyboard that's called upon now and then for layering duties. But it, too, most certainly does not have *that* sound.

Years ago, I heard demos of the Microwave I and saw that as the route to *that* sound--because, to my ears, it had it. That was when they were $275-$350 on ebay all day long but trending upward. And because, once I decided to buy, I never saw one for under $300 again, I put the purchase off as I saw the price climb steadily upward. Offered $500 for one a few years ago and got a polite no thanks. After satisfying myself that Waldorf's many digital filter models, though powerful, didn't have the sound I was after (and that the Q+ was too rare, perhaps too VA-oriented, and too buggy in a way that was too sub-model specific for me to wade through), I recently resolved to just bite the bullet and pay whatever for a MWI. But...had a last-minute change of heart when I considered the PITA of programming one, and confronted the possibility that, at this point in my life, that obstruction would likely mean it would be a pricey preset machine-cum-paperweight in my studio.

Enter the Quantum. Amid ALL the bounty of exciting new and re-released synths that have come to market in the past few years, only this and the Pro2 have sent me to seriously figuring which gear I could sell for their acquisition. The Pro2, because it would represent an elegant solution to various studio logistics (with a wonderfully powerful synth attached...though perhaps not quite as ground-breakingly so as the Evolver)...and the Quantum because it seems to be the answer to my most elusive of synth dreams.

That sound--it has it! Waldorf Wavetables--has 'em! Beautiful analog filters--has 'em! And--this was the clincher--it has the answer to something I'd taken initial steps to try to pull off myself (see, however: no experience in electronics), which is a granular synthesis engine with analog filters! With inputs for sampling granularly *and* for wavetables! OMG.

It's not cheap, no. I can't afford it, no. But I will happily sell off a good chunk of the underutilized pieces in my studio to make it my wavetable centerpiece. This is the synth I've been waiting for, and I'm thrilled that it's about to be reality.

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