I have a soft spot for...

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Re: I have a soft spot for...

Post by tcats » Thu Jun 22, 2017 4:52 am

AdamAnt316 wrote:
Walter Ego wrote:All things Casio.

I have three CZ-101s, now, so I just need one more. I have a CZ-5000 and an RZ-1. I even have the TB-1 MIDI thru box. There's just something about that drab color scheme and framed rectangular LCD screen that has become a part of me.

And then there's the toys...MT-68, CT-410V, SK-1, SK-5 and VL-1(X2) and a Rapman. I even got a Casio mini-tv just for looks.

So...yeah, I have a soft spot, you might say. :mrgreen:
+1. Oh, so much +1. I've been accumulating Casios for the past decade-plus. My first keyboard instrument ever was a PT-12, which was basically a PT-1 in a different box, which was basically a VL-1 in a different box. I got it when I was a kid, and I was never a huge fan of it since it seemed extremely limited (monophonic, only four cheesy presets, and several cheesy rhythms which were hard to trigger). I goofed with it for a number of years, and then put it away.

Several years later, I found an SK-8 at a flea market for $5, and not only did it have sampling capabilities, It had five-note polyphony! Soon after, I acquired an SK-5 from another flea market, and it's been downhill from there. The nice(?) thing about Casio keyboards is that they're still fairly easy to find at yard sales, flea markets, and whatnot; many of them are newer models which I don't find too interesting, but there are still a few pseudo-diamonds in the rough, often for fairly cheap money. Here is a listing of the models I've acquired as of this writing:
  • Casiotone 403
  • Casio CT-102
  • Casio CT-310
  • Casio CT-630
  • Casio CT-810
  • Casio HT-700
  • Casio ML-81
  • Casio MT-68 (x2)
  • Casio MT-70
  • Casio MT-100
  • Casio MT-207 (as Realistic Concertmate 700)
  • Casio MT-240
  • Casio MT-520
  • Casio SA-65
  • Casio SK-1 (x3, one as Realistic Concertmate 500)
  • Casio SK-5 (x2, one as Realistic Concertmate 650)
  • Casio SK-8
  • Casio PT-12
  • Casio PT-80
  • Casio PT-100
  • Casio VL-1
HT-700 rock on! :headbang:
A friend of mine who plays folk punk is borrowing mine right now.

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Re: I have a soft spot for...

Post by AdamAnt316 » Fri Jun 23, 2017 7:59 pm

Dezb1 wrote:The VSS is great it has a sample line in on the back so you don't just have to rely on the built in mic not sure if the Casio's have this.

The pss 470 was considerably more grimy when I bought it spent a couple of hours cleaning it up... my HT-700 will be going to the cleaners on my day off tomorrow.
Cool! The SK-1, SK-5 and SK-8 have both mic in and line in jacks on the side (well, the SK-1 has them on the back, but still). Not sure about the later SK-series samplers off-hand. The internal mic works OK for simple belching purposes, but the input jacks help bring it to the next level of cheeziness.

Nicely done! What did you use to clean your 470? I was planning to use Windex or some such, but I'd be worried about the markings coming off if they're fragile, so I haven't tried anything as of yet.
tcats wrote:HT-700 rock on! :headbang:
A friend of mine who plays folk punk is borrowing mine right now.
Yeah, the HT-700 is a fun one. I picked up mine at an antiques mall, of all places, for $15. It's been through h**l, showing melt marks from where someone rested a soldering iron or somesuch on the top of the case. Also, the battery cover is missing, replaced by a piece of masonite and four screws to crudely attach it over the battery compartment. Not quite sure how something like this could work for folk punk, but I'm sure it does a great job. :mrgreen:

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Re: I have a soft spot for...

Post by Dezb1 » Thu Aug 31, 2017 2:06 am

Bought another 80s cheapo home keybord - the casing got broken by the courier. Bloke I bought it from gave me a partial refund and I set about fixing it tonight... ever tried to weld plastic?

The damage:


The fix


Not pretty but it's solid, soldering iron and a couple of black tie wraps for filler. Might try and smooth it out some day

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Re: I have a soft spot for...

Post by Music Bird » Wed Sep 06, 2017 12:02 am

Yamaha and Casio stuff
That's almost all my gear. I hope to get another brand soon.
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