1982's Strange Vintage Arpeggiator on Roland EP 6060

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1982's Strange Vintage Arpeggiator on Roland EP 6060

Postby Thecomacalling » Sun May 06, 2018 8:34 pm

Im just gonna leave this awkward video I made here of this Roland Dual Voice "Combo Piano"-'s Arpeggiator that I got a few months back from craigslist. From the manuals, you'd think it was a poorly designed two osc synth marketed towards the home organist crowd from '82.
Check it out and please, be somewhat kind with the comments, I don't get overly technical nor am I used to making videos.
I should have shown how it sounds through effects, but oh well, maybe if people show interest in the future.


http://www.synthmanuals.com/manuals/rol ... rs_manual/
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Re: 1982's Strange Vintage Arpeggiator on Roland EP 6060

Postby part12studios » Fri May 11, 2018 3:54 pm

interesting synth. never seen that one before.

also what is interesting is the built in EQ. i've recently been wondering why virtually all (now excluding this one) lack any kind of EQ.. i mean sure filters are a kind of EQ but an EQ on top of a filter could still result in some significant changes to an instruments sound and EQ is neither high tech even back in vintage days..

i know newer digital "Do everything" synths like triton's and what have you's introduced some EQ ability but i'm really thinking analog / simpler synths.

Thanks for sharing. :)
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