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Roland SR-JV Cards - Urgent Fix Required

Posted: Fri Jun 01, 2018 1:10 am
by Tekhed66
Hi all

** all Roland SR-JV Card Users**

Not sure if you have seen this post by fellow VSE member Manny (it was buried inside a separate post):

"On a related note, I stumbled upon this thread the other day about the risks of a capacitor exploding on SRJV boards. Apparently Roland has issued a warning about the use of these boards. As I have one in a JD990 and some in a 5080 so it looks like some work is needed.
Here's the link: ... -card.html"

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It's quite a serious problem ... follow the link and see the damage (!!) ... the fix is easy-ish depending on your soldering ability and confidence but it's recommended that you stop using the cards and immediately for leaks... if you can, check the resistance across the 6V capacitor on an unpowered card ... if it's greater than about 0.8 Ohm then the cap has started to dry out and is at risk... don't risk that JD990!!!!!

Thanks to Manny for posting the warning.