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Roland XP 80 to control Yamaha PSR S950

Posted: Fri Jun 08, 2018 2:00 pm
by Redwulf3
Hi Gang, please forgive my ignorance (hey, I'm a guitar player). I just bought a XP 80 Roland Workstation, but have just a couple of easy questions (I hope). My two goals for buying this was to control my Yamaha PSR S950 (since the Roland has 76 keys AND to understand how to use the sequencer. I thought it would be straight ahead, but I got the manual and thought I was downloading Moby d**k. 300 plus pages and then more Keyboardese than my little brain would absorb. So, would someone be so kind as to tell how to set the MIDI info on both boards so I can control the Yamaha with the Roland. And hopefully an easy walk through of how to get the sequencer ....sequencing. I pushed record and then play, but got nothing back. I HOPE the sequencer is functioning since this was a used purchase. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. To add to the problem, I am living in if by chance you are here also that would be cool. I will pay for you time to show me a few tricks on this thing. GREAT SOUNDS and love the arpeggiator since the Yamaha doesn't have one...or if it does I am clueless on how to get it fired up.
Thanks again,
Mike Sager
PS I am on Facebook also at Mike Sager 79
I imagine you answer through the site, but if not my email is care.