MPC1000 and Yamaha TG33

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MPC1000 and Yamaha TG33

Post by mcoolf » Wed Aug 01, 2018 10:18 am


I'm using MPC 1000 (JJOS 3.16) and using MPC as a sequencer for Yamaha TG33 Module.

It didn't have any problem when I sequenced other gears (wasn't Multitimbral) but I found that there's a little bit of delay in between Last beat and First beat of the sequence when I send midi to TG33

At first, I thought it could be the problem of TG33 so I tried it on Logic but it was okay. then I thought it could be the problem cause I'm sending more than 5-6 channels to TG33 at once but it was also okay when I tried with logic.

So I'm assuming this as a problem of MPC does anyone have idea?

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Re: MPC1000 and Yamaha TG33

Post by ninja6485 » Mon Aug 06, 2018 3:24 am

Did you use the copy function at all by chance, and accidentally copy one extra beat at the end if the sequence? It's easier to do than it seems on the mpc-1000. Or if you're using more than one sequence, did you make sure the tempo is set the same for both? Each one has its own tempo that defaults to 120 and has to be manually set when you create a new sequence (unless you copied and pasted an existing one)
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