Prophet 600 - notes drone when controlling via MIDI

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Prophet 600 - notes drone when controlling via MIDI

Postby suburbanbeat » Tue Aug 14, 2018 6:45 pm

Hi all. The title says it all. I'm having an issue when trying to control my SCI Prophet 600 via MIDI (using a Roland JV-90 as a controller), where the notes drone indefinitely as soon as I press more than one key on the JV-90. If I'm playing one note at a time, everything works as it should, and it's only when attempting to play a chord of some kind that notes on the Prophet 600 drone. The drone is interrupted by tweaking any parameter. I very simply have a 5-pin cable connecting the MIDI OUT on my JV-90 to the MIDI IN on my Prophet 600.

Any thoughts?
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Re: Prophet 600 - notes drone when controlling via MIDI

Postby Zmeinogorsk » Wed Aug 22, 2018 11:16 pm

This happens to me too. I've had two P600s over the years and they both did this. One of them will also randomly spit out notes when I'm driving it via my DAW or hardware sequencer. Very strange.

Over the years, I've just stopped and started whatever is triggering the synth and it will eventually cooperate. I always assumed that since it is one of the first synths with MIDI, it has its MIDI bugs.

Have you considered the gligli OS update? I've heard it fixes a lot of the quirks of this synth (filter stepping, midi implementation, unison etc) and is likely the best option for addressing this issue. I've never done it, so maybe another VSE member can chime in...
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