Casio CZ-101 ROM Soundset Patcher

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Casio CZ-101 ROM Soundset Patcher

Postby Rasputin » Wed Sep 12, 2018 5:31 pm

Just thought I'd let you fine Casio fans know that I've created a tool to replace the preset patches in the CZ-101 with custom patches.

Anyone with a CZ-101 knows that there are two sets of presets: One set is always in ROM and cannot be modified/erased/lost under any circumstances. The other set is recalled using the 'P' button which copies those presets into patch RAM, at which point the user can modify/erase/overwrite them. This patch tool can replace either one or both.

The huge upside is that you can have 32 favorite patches which can be recalled at a moment's notice, even should the CZ-101 lose all its memory in a fit of flakiness. So if you gig with a CZ-101 and you're always scared your custom patches are going to go missing, this may be just the thing for you!

The big (unavoidable) downside to this idea is that it requires programming an EPROM, so you either need an EPROM burner or a generous friend. It also requires disassembly of the CZ-101. Which leads to...

I haven't actually tested this yet because I haven't had time to burn an EPROM and tear apart my CZ-101. But I'm reasonably sure it will work and thought I'd let people know it's on the horizon.
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