Best guitar synth/interface for Roland GK2/2a pickup?

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Best guitar synth/interface for Roland GK2/2a pickup?

Post by part12studios » Tue Oct 02, 2018 9:39 pm

Hi everyone,

I know this is a bit more of a guitar question, but it's still vintage MIDI related and I know many people here do more than just play synth keyboards.

So I had a GR-50 for years as a sound module and midi guitar converter.. but I sold it off leaving me with two guitars with GK2 and GK2a pickups respectively. I've never known what the actual difference between them were, but here's my question.

What would be the best (accurate) interface for midi conversion? I'm not really concerned about sounds as much as just being able to provide the best performance to midi rate. Has anyone here had much experience with MIDI guitar stuff?

I remember years ago, there was this guy on Austin City Limits doing a whole show and he was this phenomenal soloist rocking out driving what was some kind of MIDI guitar but this had to be like the late 80s.. early 90's we're talking about..

The tracking of that performance seemed flawless. when i payed with my picks and GR-50, I always felt like i was getting ghost notes and just general mistakes being picked up with any performance even when i played decent. So I've always felt it was more the GR-50 being from 1988 or so..

I know some later models came out from Roland but just thought someone might have some insight on this particular line of midi guitar.

That said, I'm open to other (better) systems that may be modern. I like the idea of using my guitar vs some hybrid instrument, but I could imagine exploring some of those guitars that had midi pickups built in also.. I would just love to find a solution that really is accurately tracks what is actually played.

Cost is a concern, but at the end of the day, know what really is the best is still a good thing to know and something to perhaps work towards.


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