Anyone done the Polysix output mod?

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Anyone done the Polysix output mod?

Post by TheKeytarist » Tue Oct 23, 2018 4:26 am

I recently stumbled across this mod and am interested in performing it on my trusty polysix. Before I do so, I was wondering if anybody else has tried it, if there are any audio samples floating around, and how difficult it is. From the Description it's pretty straightforward though.
Korg Polysix fx Send/Voice board out Modification

(C)opyright 1995 by Damien Miller

Usual disclaimers apply (no warranty, mod at your own risk, etc.).

This modification is *way* simple and I urge everyone who owns a PolySix
to do it. Not only does it allow you to user the thing as an effects
processor, it also gives a much cleaner, crisper output for the PolysSix
(albeit one without effects).

The first step is to drill two holes in the back of the PolySix's case,
large enough to accomodate a phono socket each.

Insert two mono, NC scitsched phono sockets into the holes and solder a
between the switch connections. Also solder a wire between the ground lugs
on each of the sockets.

Now locate hte voice board out connector, the voice board (in my revision
at least) is the second board from the right, and the output connector is
about 4 inches to the left of the rearmost part of the board. On mine it
is a small 'molex' type connector, the cable it is attacked to should run
to the leftmost board.

Locate and isolate the 'Signal' wire from this connector, and cut is
level with the sockets you have installed. Connect the end of the
'signal' wire coming from the voice board to the 'tip' lug of the
rightmost phono socket you installed. Connect the effect board side of
the 'signal' cable to the 'tip' connection of the leftmost phono socket.
Cut and connect the ground wires similarly.

Now you have a normalised in/out socket pair. When no plugs are inserted,
the signal path is unbroken, leaving the normal operation of the PolySix
unaffected. The leftmost socket is an effect in, with the fx out being
taken from the normal Audio out on the rear panel. The other socket is a
direct voice board out, there is no external volume control, *but* it does
bypass the fx board which causes a lot of noise and high frequency

Good Luck!
Any advice, thoughts or opinions are welcome!
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