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E-MU Drumulator 3-sound-set ROM switcher: gauging interest

Posted: Sun Oct 28, 2018 8:32 pm
by belltones
I've got a question for any E-MU Drumulator users out there.

I'm about half way through designing a 3 sound set EPROM expansion board for the E-MU Drumulator (à la JL Cooper's product of this kind in the 80s), so that a simple external toggle switch could be used to switch between 3 complete different sound sets. However, I just broke down the costs and realized it's going to have to cost kind of a lot for me to make any money... so now I'm trying to figure out if anyone would ever want to buy one at the price it would have to be before I continue. The challenge with this, and the reason that this can't cost $50-100 like many other ROM switchers, is that the Drumulator requires literally 5 times as many EPROMs as other gear because each sound set is 4 sound EPROMs and a code EPROM!

So here's the question: Would you be interested in buying a 3-sound-set EPROM expansion board (assembled kit, just drill one hole and stick the switch in it) for the Drumulator if it cost about $250? It would come with two new sets of already-burned EPROMs and you could choose between a few different sets (e.g. DigiDrums Rock, Latin, Electronic 1, Electronic 2). If not, what price might you be willing to pay for this?

I'm trying to figure out whether anyone would ever buy this or if I should just turn back now.

Thanks in advance.