Yamaha PF-10/15. Untapped potential

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Yamaha PF-10/15. Untapped potential

Post by Mattew96 » Tue Jan 15, 2019 5:33 am

Hello forum! I'm back! For now... lol

I bought myself an old Yamaha PF-10 from my old highschool. Overpaid for it, but the money gets reinvested so I feel okay with it. Before you start wondering why I'm going to chat about an electronic piano on a synth forum (Gasp! Blasphemy!) I have what seems to be quite the deviant idea.

So one of my bandmates broke a key on it and I opened it up and I realized just what kind of untapped potential we all, as of yet, have seemed to have missed...
It has a very accessible, very easy to mod analog chorus onboard (and already has an audio input which routes direct to output... so why not REroute it!). So I got to thinking about adding a chorus input, and THEN I got to thinking about adding a chorus rate and amount control. In fact, I have already figured out how to do all those things. They were pretty easy. I'll get to testing THAT stuff soon.

Then I started going a little bit crazy.

I also noticed Kenton makes a midi kit for these keyboards. It got me wondering how I would implement my own midi kit and while doing so I noticed that the voice PROM on the Yamaha has a bunch of address lines which I could theoretically hook up and see if there are any hidden patches. That would be pretty easy to do and super cool, even if the patches are weird garbage... we're synthesists. We like weird garbage.

Finally, that led me to my last thought: Hijacking the voice circuitry.

If I am capable of building a little board that will replace the PROM and give complete MIDI control of the FM chips in this synth, (A) would anyone care about it? and (B) would anyone be willing to put in the time to figure out what byte programs what in the 64 bytes per chip? Because, I COULD do it all myself, but it's much more encouraging if someone actually wants to help or at LEAST is interested to have me turn this neat old EP into a synth using, as far as I can tell, a unique set of chips that were NOT used in future FM synths. Please correct me if I'm wrong but I've never seen YM2003s in another device.

Thanks for following the long train of thought. I look forward to hearing yours!
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Re: Yamaha PF-10/15. Untapped potential

Post by Mr.computer » Fri May 29, 2020 4:32 am

Man! No one’s bumped this thread?! I just pulled my PF-10 that I inherited from my dad out and plugged it into the audio interface. Threw some FabFilter reverb and delay on it and I’m in love. Did you ever pursue the midi in mod? Do you have notes you’d be willing to share?

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