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Just scored big on a Memorymoog!!

Posted: Sun May 05, 2019 4:28 pm
by WhinyLittleRunt

Picked up this beauty yesterday for freakin' peanuts... like, really. Peanuts. I'm still trying to unravel how I pulled that off...

It's not without issue though. As far as I can tell it's an all-original, non-plus version. Early serial number. Turns on and plays, maybe about 5 minutes, and eventually will just lock up. Auto-tune LED comes on and everything freezes. I hope it's something simple, but with these who knows right?

Here are some gut shots:


I have always wanted to get one but between the insane prices, reliability talk, and just overall scare-tactic I've avoided the hunt. But with the Moog One being out now and lusting after that, seeing this come up I just couldn't pass on it. My "someday" acquisition was always going to be a P5, and then I got a T8, which still didn't satisfy my lust for the P5 until I spent more time on the P5, and then realized that from a players perspective, the T8 is better suited to my tastes. Now I broke my T8 trying to overhaul it and it's now undergoing surgery with a friend of mine. :cry: So finding this was like a goldmine.

Sounds to me from what I've been reading that these are notorious for bad connections everywhere. Like everything from the interconnect data cables to the ICs / sockets. I'm not really scared to nose-dive into this as an overhaul, because for what I paid, even the repairs will nowhere near equal what a well-functioning one goes for. I'm going to make sure to document the progress on this one. And obviously, if anyone has any tips or experiences to share, please do!

Re: Just scored big on a Memorymoog!!

Posted: Sun May 05, 2019 4:52 pm
by adhmzaiusz
Congrats. Sounds like you've definitely got a power supply issue, and thankfully the PS is a fairly easy board to work on.

In a few MM's I've worked on, it's not so much the connectors that are a problem, it's the bourns trimmers on the voice boards. They usually get a bad spot on them where it's near impossible to set the correct value, but a simple solution is to rotate and solder them back in 180 degrees and recalibrate. Or just buy new ones and put them in. Not hard to find a substitution.

The only connectors that have ever been a problem on every MM I've seen are the 3 big molex ones running from the transformer to the power supply. These have red, yellow, and grey wires. For some reason they have poor continuity and sometimes all it takes is to bump one and it'll freeze or you'll lose all the lights.

Anyway, if you find someone who knows their way around them they really aren't that bad to work on. Hope you get it up and running soon!