Keytek CTS-2000

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Keytek CTS-2000

Post by Frayo » Sat May 11, 2019 3:42 pm

Anyone else have the "pleasure" of owning this thing?

I'm still trying to figure out how it works. The manual is borderline useless in terms of telling how sounds are constructed.
It basically says : "Zones are a thing", "Yes, we have MIDI", "this synth has 333 wavetables", and in bold letters "Do Not Insert a Cartridge When Power is On" over and over.

Some interesting sounds can be coaxed out of it, though.

It is basically dollar store brand PPG. It can easily reproduce sounds like a Cheetah MS800, Gravis Ultrasound, and some old Amiga 1000 "Paula" sounds. I'm basing this on Cheetah MS800 Youtube demos and personal tinkering with my own gravis and amiga trackers and hardware.

I do like putting it through some effects, and am thinking about sampling it with the Atari or one of the Emulators or AKAIs

Programming is (I think) painful, for some reason the fiancee likes programming it (she's crazy, though).
Also, shout out to the late 80s pink and green color scheme.

Anyone else have any thoughts about this quirky beast?

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