Help me find these FM (?) sounds?

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Music Bird
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Help me find these FM (?) sounds?

Post by Music Bird » Tue Jul 02, 2019 10:28 pm

In this song from 1996.

The sound is pre-1990s, and probably FM at that. I know the flute in the intro is from the Proteus/2. Is that sound from a Proteus or a Yamaha FM synth.
The same FM synth is also used in this song from 1990 for the piano chords.

I’m also looking for the angklung sample too.
The same lead synth is used in the intro of this song.

From 1991.
I’m guessing these are FM sounds from a Yamaha keyboard, but I haven’t found them in Dexed.
I know the angklung sounds similar to the Korg M1, and one was used in the songs.
First two produced by Manthous, and last one produced by Youngky S.
Edit: I think the angklung is an M1.
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Re: Help me find these FM (?) sounds?

Post by iowagold » Sat Jul 06, 2019 5:46 am

try an fs1r Yamaha!
I have one listed on e-bay
most of the indo Asian sounds are in there!
yea it was late 1990's but it had all of the sounds!!
it is fm formant for sure..
the new Yamaha units nail it as well... but plan on 3000.00 to over 5000.00 usd on the new units...
also the Yamaha cs80 had lots of these indo sounds!!
you will spend over 20,000.00 usd for a good one of those..
but there is a soft synth version that is pretty good for under 500.00.
there is talk of a new cs80 from behringer for 2020... :D
Paul in Iowa

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