Toraiz AS1

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Toraiz AS1

Post by Jabberwalky » Wed Jul 03, 2019 12:08 pm

The Pioneer DJ Toraiz-AS1. Seemingly flying under the radar and probably not selling well. It is rarely mentioned. I tested one out a few days ago and was immediately gripped by the raw quality of the sound. The other features really don't matter much to me or my workflow, but the filter and VCOs seem to have a huge sweet spot. It's a single voice of the Prophet 6 range.

Does anyone here have one? What are your thoughts, and what song elements do you tend to use it for?

This demo by INHALT is also really good.

INHALT Pro-1 vs AS1, the differences are extremely negligable

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Re: Toraiz AS1

Post by Synge » Sat Jul 06, 2019 2:43 pm

I have one and bloody love it. The raw tone is excellent, the filter is really good and I love how it doesn’t lose bass when upping the resonance.

It’s my sofa jam sketchbook for melodies, it’s fun to make patches on because I can save them in it’s big memory and I actually really enjoy the touchstrip keyboard for weird fast soloing and just having the ability to do everything on the unit itself is really cool. The presets are really nice too and I like how each has its own sequence designed.

It’s basically my second mono that I bought to accompany my Vermona Mono Lancet. That is also a lovely synth but the lack of patch memory and fx and stuff mean that I go for the Toraiz AS1 when I feel a bit like I want to create something more fancy and can’t be bothered with setting up pedals etc. The mono lancet probably sounds a tiny bit more creamy and organic, and it’s core tone is more bright and alive. I think that’s possibly due to the oscillators being less precise than the AS-1’s innit state. The AS-1 does have a slop parameter so I think it can probably get there with a bit of tweaking. The AS-1 has a slower attack which I prefer over the Vermona

I’m kinda new to song writing so I don’t really have much to say as I mainly make a cacophony of noise, but I will say that it’s perfect for leads and basses, and it’s very addictive and inspiring.

In contrast, my Prophet 12 module, whilst being excellent for exploring synthesis into the far reaches, creating really weird sounds and huge atmospheric sounds, it’s now where near as quick to work with, because there’s so much to work with. The Toraiz is a lot quicker to work with for basic sounds and it’s instantly cool sounding oscillators.

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