Oberheim OB-8?

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Oberheim OB-8?

Post by ponce » Fri Dec 13, 2019 7:03 pm

Hello community!
I'm new here, long time guitarist but lately enjoying synths in my musical production even more. Started with the Volca keys, currently using a bunch of soft synths, experimenting and learning.

At the moment I'm trying to recreate a few sounds for my own use and it's going pretty good but there is a certain one I'm after and I just cannot come close to it. It could easily be a preset on some of the popular 80's synths, since it was recorded in 1984/85. It's featured on a song TV Man by the art - rock band Haustor from Zagreb, Croatia. It's those stabby but mellow pad sounds throughout the song, don't know if my terminology is accurate..

On the album liner notes/credits, an Oberheim OB-8 is mentioned and I went through YouTube videos of that synth but couldn't fond anything similar. I'm sure some of you experts could nail it.
Thanks a lot in advance!

Starting around 0:53

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Re: Oberheim OB-8?

Post by madtheory » Fri Dec 20, 2019 5:33 pm

Sounds like preset A5 "Accelerating Rotary Organ" with the accelerating frozen at the start. Sounds like this preset uses unison mode for extra depth.

A Casio CZ can get very close, it's the king of organ synths, you'll hear some very close ones in the factory presets. Any 2 osc analogue synth can do an organ, just tweak unison for the exact sound here.

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