A question about midi through and usb

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A question about midi through and usb

Post by tulipkapy » Mon Jun 29, 2020 1:23 am

Hello! I have a question about midi but before I ask it I wanna explain my situation.
So I've been producing with vst syhths for a while,
But about half a year ago i bought a Moog slim phatty second hand
I've been using it with it's USB connection since I dont have midi connections in my audio interface.
I'm about to buy a virus b rack second hand as well.
Thing is it doesn't have a USB connection at all and I have been wondering if it's possible to rout midi to it through the Moog, sending midi on another channel to the Moog through midi, and using it's midi through to forward t to the virus b.
The question is, is that even possible? And if it is, what are the cons, and are there any settings I need to change for it to work, in either synth?
Thanks ahead to anyone that answers, appericiate it!

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Re: A question about midi through and usb

Post by meatballfulton » Mon Jun 29, 2020 12:39 pm

Yes, that is how MIDI THRU is supposed to work.

No settings needed at all in the Virus other than choosing a MIDI channel.

From the Moog manual p.32:
The third page of the MIDI Setup menu allows you to select the MIDI input connection. Since the SP offers both MIDI DIN and USB connec- tions, several input options are possible. To specify the MIDI input con- nection, use the CURSOR button to highlight the input selection, then use the VALUE knob to select the desired input.
Values: NONE, DIN, USB, DIN/USB; the default is DIN/USB
Using DIN/USB (so MIDI flows over both) attach a MIDI cable from Moog MIDI THRU to Virus MIDI IN, done.
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