90's synth sounds (A thirty year old hunt)

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90's synth sounds (A thirty year old hunt)

Post by sammon70 » Sat Jul 25, 2020 8:42 am

Hello guys

Thirty years ago in my younger days, I made a couple of tracks at a recording studio and I have been trying to find those sounds once more as the tracks now have immense sentimental value to me in later life.

Please find below Youtube links for both of the tracks (Ripped from vinyl pressed in 92/93)

Cast A Spell (1993 vinyl rip)

That Whitney Track (1992 Vinyl Rip)

Both tracks a very simple and at the time presets were used with not much tweaking other than your standard, eq, delay, reverb and chorus. I remember the studio had a Roland JD800, Roland JV1080 and a Yamaha TX81Z module.

I am hoping someone on the forum who knows their synth sounds can help me identify the organ sounds I used in both tracks, the piano sound and the strings. if anyone can help me I would really appreciate this.


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Re: 90's synth sounds (A thirty year old hunt)

Post by desmond » Sat Jul 25, 2020 11:24 am

The piano is very typically Roland rompler - bright and compressed (brighter than the M1 standard for this of the time). Pick up a JV1080 module, or give the plugin a demo, and I'm sure you'll find the pianos in the piano presets, if that was used. Same for the strings.

Similarly with the TX81Z - there are plenty of DX plugins, free and commercial, and all the presets are out there to try, so just have a flip through until you find the ones you used. Or again, pickup a TX81Z module, or other 4-op enhanced engine synth (DX11, etc).

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