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Roland GAIA SH-01 Hammond-style drawbar organ sounds

Posted: Sun Aug 23, 2020 9:12 am
by SciNote
I've been working on a drawbar organ emulator for my GAIA, and I just wanted to post what I came up with, so far. This is an example that uses the three separate synth engines of the GAIA to make some pretty complex sounds. I used the self-oscillating mode of the resonant low-pass filters to get a second tone for each of the three synth engines, for a total of 6 tones. Of course, a real drawbar organ has 9 tones (9 drawbars), which I am not able to do here, but this does still allow for quite a bit of flexibility. Of the three synth engines, I use the first one for 16' and 8', the second one for 4' and 2', and the third one for 5 1/3' and 2 2/3'. More "fine tuning" and options can be obtained by changing the pitch and resonance of the different synth engines, but in this demo, I do not get into that much detail. I just use the footages as I programmed and saved them when I made the patch, simply turning on and off different synth engines to get the different sounds. You'll also notice a Leslie speaker simulation, as well. The speed-up and slow-down is done simply by manually turning the LFO speed knob. A one-touch speed-up and slow-down would be nice, but I do not see that as possible at this time.

The following demo has five distinct parts. The first three parts just show different sounds with different simulated drawbar configurations. The fourth part adds an organ-percussive effect which can be controlled by how hard you hit the keys. And the fifth part simply switches the basic waveform to one of the super-saw waves and gets a really vibrant organ with a fast Leslie effect.

Note that the only outboard effect that I use is reverb. Other than that, everything you hear was done completely on the GAIA itself. I recorded the demo using Audacity software, and only made adjustments in volume and combining the five individual parts into one file with that software.