Novation Circuit Tracks (second gen Circuit) announced

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Novation Circuit Tracks (second gen Circuit) announced

Post by meatballfulton » Tue Feb 09, 2021 8:16 pm

I listened to Hatfield and the North at Rainbow. They were very wonderful and they made my heart a prisoner.

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Re: Novation Circuit Tracks (second gen Circuit) announced

Post by Jabberwalky » Fri Feb 12, 2021 5:59 pm

Just reserved one. I'm a huge fan of the originals and this is great update on it!

Some of my fave new features:

-USB lithium battery is great and elimnates the old brick PSU or 6 "AA" batteries.
-MicroSD for tons of samples and packs
-Full size midi ports with a thru
-Sample directly with an audio input (I have yet to see if that can be routed to the FX?)
-2 midi tracks which is great. Previously I was using Synth 1 for it's internal sounds and Synth 2 as a midi track into an Sh01a. This really puts it as a great master sequencer in a live setup.

Looking forward to making a video whenever it arrives!~

I hope it has proper Midi echo. On the original, sending midi to a synth works, but if you you are using a master controller keyboard to input notes in the Circuit, it doesn't echo those notes to the external synths. Only the pads can trigger it.

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