KP3 Kaoss Pad

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Post by Diametro » Tue Sep 25, 2007 7:34 pm

Jiggz wrote:I want to add one more thing.

The sampling feature is so frustrating. I cannot believe that Korg would put a sampling engine in this thing with no other means of recording than manualy hitting the record button. What happened to auto-level triggering, or sampling in sync with the midid clock??

If you're working with loops and a pc, this is no problem - just import them. But if you want to sample manually, it's almost impossible to get your loops lined up unless you have zen style timing! :shock: There is a sample start parameter, but this only works for looped samples, not one-shot, and even then the loops tend to drift out of time due to reasons that get quite technical. If you want to trim away the beginning of a one shot vocal sample you just recorded, then forget it - you can't!

Overall, i want to love this box because some of the fx are superb, but i feel i have been cheated with the sampler section.

I do not have 'zen' level timing, but I do manage to get great loops almost every time ... Really, I think it works quite well ...
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Post by RobotHeroes » Tue Sep 25, 2007 8:22 pm

KP3 Demo Vid

I don't think this is the video capability you had in mind but its visual. It's the only visual thing I've ever seen a kp3 do online.
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Re: KP3 Kaoss Pad

Post by Soundwave » Tue Sep 25, 2007 11:48 pm

1.) when playing multiple samples, can you isolate one sample, so you just tweak that one sample?
2.) can you hold individual parameters, at different levels? (can you hold the LFO at one level while editing the filter level)
3.) can you use a keyboard to control the pitch function while vocoding?
4.) can it do any of the video effects that the original Kaoss Pad can do? (that's really a pipe dream. I'd buy it, even if it couldn't)
5.) Do you think, it would work well with my current setup?


1) No, the FX are on the main output however you can resample your tweaks onto another sample pad/space separately.

2) You can only hold one X/Y point it just depends what the FX has assigned to the X and Y although the KP3 does have many useful variations of the same FX. You can also record your movements which syncs to MIDI and looks cool with a little red square ghosting you movements.

3) Not used the voccoder yet but the sample pads respond to MIDI note on/off and your looped samples will be tempo pitched automatically to the MIDI clock.

4) Nope sound only which is what the KP1 only did, for VDJ stuff get the Korg Entrancer.

5) Whilst not top end studio quality it's the best performance FX unit around with a very useful loop sampler which samples and syncs in realtime perfectly (as long as you hit the record just before the MIDI clock at the beginning of a bar) and even allows you to slice the sample up with the 8 preset buttons. All in all a very creative tool that looks cool and is bags of fun for the price.

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Post by cartesia » Wed Sep 26, 2007 6:57 am

I had one, sold it after not long. . hated it.

Prefer the effects on my sp-404 tbh . .

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Post by breitt » Wed Sep 26, 2007 7:32 am

toonelind wrote:Is anyone of you running analogue synths straight trhough KP3, how much does it suck the original tone?

Is is it usable this way or is it usable only, if run through effect loop?
Not quite sure what you mean by "sucking the original tone", but I have the KP3 hooked up to my Mackie 1620 mixer as an aux/send, so that I can run different synths through its effects engine. My Voyager RME and my FR-777 sound superb with many of the KP3 effects, and there is no noticeable degradation of their "analoguishness" as there was with the KP1.

Regardless of any of the aforementioned technical shortcomings mentioned earlier in this thread, the box is pure fun and adds an improvisational, "live" dimension to one's music that is largely unattainable through non-touchscreen effects boxes.
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