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Post by premieklovn » Thu Jun 07, 2007 3:28 pm

Roland Jupiter 4 - HAL9000 in synthesizer form. Totally unstable but my god how much I love him.

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Post by Z » Thu Jun 07, 2007 3:32 pm

fingerbib2000 wrote:MC303 - s**t Sandwich.
Spinal Tap was the 1st thing I thought of before I opened this thread to read! Glad there's others on the same wavelength!


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Post by astraeus000 » Thu Jun 07, 2007 6:45 pm

Juno 106: lookest thou upon my plastic dress and sigh, thinking you've been cheated.....but now as I sing I see your open-eyes weep, as all sirens are saviors.

Siel DK-600: I am Beelzebub, Lord of the Flies to the profane, Baal-ze-bul Lord of Skies, King of the Whirling Airs, to all Lovers of the Unvoiced Name.

Rhodes/Arp Chroma: Prepare for thy decent into the Abyss knave, where all wonderous, horrible beauties lay awaiting.....Abandon hope all ye who enter...

DSI PolyEvolver: I am both Master and Mistress wielding powers of Heaven and Earth....though I lie, a Giant, a Titan chained to a smoking rock beneath the black seas and deep blue earth, praying for release.

Chroma Polaris: My heart is as ice, and cold, so my anger a black fire is released which thaws the icy limbs, and the song unfed into exaustion stirs thy depths.

TG-77: Look upon the surface of the waters and all is lost in a looking-glass shimmer....the ghost of your face beckoning beneath to plunge in an drown that angry animal.

ha ha !!! I'm even making myself sick :shock:

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Post by drawtippy » Thu Jun 07, 2007 7:00 pm

Good thread! Here I go:

Novation KS4: Die in a fire, you self-changing parameter harlot!
Pro-One: You nasty little boy. Why you so fat?
Jupiter 6: You're purple and scary. Your filter is sexy.
Casio CZ 101: Don't know exactly how to program you but you sound great for a little dude.
Maxi-Korg 800DV: No midi or wheels but my do you sound amazing!
Moog Voyager 50th: Your blue lights and classy sounds inspire me.
Micron: Hey little red buddy. You suck to program but i still reach for you.
Korg Poly-61: Sweet joystick. You don't stink that much.
Korg ES-1: I chop up external audio with you too. Storage is terrible.

Voyager, JP-6, Pro-One, 800DV, CZ-101, VL-1, Micron, Solina, OB-Xa, JX-8P, Sid Station, xoxbox

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Post by mavertron » Thu Jun 07, 2007 7:43 pm

my turn then

Juno 106 - You are a workhorse, but a thin horse, Chorus is cheese, your off to ebay Tomorrow.

Sequential Pro 1 - I found you a little harsh, such a bad build, some balls you had.

Roland Jupiter 4 - you are crazy and out of control, you will cost me a fortune, but i love you.

Oberheim OBX-a - I can not stop playing with you, you make everything sound like prince, its love, you have limits.

Studio Electronics ATC - I hated your membrane nightmare, you were moogy, you sound like new r and b, you too clean

Studio Electronics SE1 - I thought you would be better than the ATC, but you let me down, SLOOOOW envelopes, big too clean

Korg Poly Six - I really liked you, you did a great organ, you are soft like a ladies cheek. You were not mine. you Left me.

Moog Rogue - God you are really good, I gigged with you, your power supply is a nightmare, you are simple and elegant

Roland RS09 - You have a solid string, you are not a solina, you make horrible noise, you are good with guitars.

Roland SH2 - I found you a bit boring, you never threw anything up at me.Im sorry it didn't work out.I'm sure you are good.

Roland 101 - you do the roland sound well, we get along OK.

Roland MKS-80 and MPG80 - I thought you sounded like a posh Juno, i let you go, i bought a jupiter 4, i have no regrets.

-- ----------------------

I think thats it.
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Post by the great escape » Thu Jun 07, 2007 8:05 pm

ALESIS- Micron-Hated programing you and your sound had no life. Happy I sold you.

BOSS- SP-202- Your lo-fi sound has given me great results and I love resampling with you
SP-404- your older brother has more charm, so he gets the job. sorry.

CLAVIA- Modular G2X-I'm so overwhelmed by you but you impress me everytime I flip your switch. Nothing sounds like you!
- Lead 2X-I love your interface, your filters and your weight. My stage companion.
- Electro 2-Lighter than a rhodes, wurli, and hammond b3 and you sound so similair. Shouldn't have sold you.

FENDER- Rhodes-You're a classic, but I dont have room for you. Indifferent about selling you.

KORG- Polysix-you were cheap and dirty inside but you were my first. I love your arpeggiator and filter.
- MS-20-dirty filters and endless fun with audio in. You're one of my faves.
- Microkorg-I didn't like your keys but I liked your sound.
- Ms-2000-see above

MOOG- Prodigy-awesome sounding leads and bass. Love the sync!
- Murf- Ok so you're not a synth but you are fun!!!

ROLAND- Fantom X6-great rompler and truly a "workstation" however sold you for a G2X so I'm not sad about letting you go.
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Post by born2die » Thu Jun 07, 2007 11:27 pm

great thread this ok I have'nt owned much gear but here's my little list

Previous gear.

Technics kn2000: Great sounding for the time, Good sequencer with step input poor rhythm section but a good all rounder why did I sell it.

yamaha DX7: b****** interface ok sounds (that rhodes sound) and excellent keybed. I will own again someday.

korg x5d. Little wonder ok for the time but terrible keybed and small usless interface glad to be shot of though

technics kn200: Please dont remind me completly rubbish no touch response sh*t keybed only good for the bonfire I am ashamed to say I gave it away to a beginner in the local area

yamaha emt 10: Only 10 voices but a good piano module if a little dated. Good bright piano cuts through the mix though but sold due to 16 note polythony meant it kept cutting out I am on the lookout for anther 2 though

Roland mt32: Good but noisy. Just a little dated now


fatar studiologic studio 900: Great weighted action not too heavy and quick to respond, Its just its limited controller functionality that lets it down. I am not about to let it go anytime soon.

Korg X5Dr. Good range of new sounds and the best from the M1 through to the Nseries, Xseries and a few of the trinity. Sounds good large display but they could have organised them better you spend hours looking for that piano synth etc thats at the back of bank and I cannot figure out how to impliment that flippin yamaha daughter board great 96 note polythony though

Roland Juno-G: I'll get back to you as I am about to order

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Post by OriginalJambo » Fri Jun 08, 2007 12:25 am

Some more:

Octave Cat - not many truly understand how great you are. More desirable than a Mini or an Oddy in my eyes, you are almost purrfect. With one VCO you can tear it apart, with two you are almost unstoppable. You sound old and classy - like the domestic cat you have a personality of your own.

DX7 - I don't know enough about you to say a lot. You are obviously supremely powerful but tapping the potential is a feat itself. Even so I know your strengths in areas and call upon then when nothing else will do the trick.

Polivoks - many seem to think of you as the Ruski Minimoog...but I don't feel this way. You aren't thick, or fat, you aren't buzzy - dirty, dirty resonance with waveforms that don't sound quite like they should. You are somewhat poorly built, you aren't clean or regal but the character oozes out of you. You sound as interesting as you look and the comparison isn't a fair one at all I feel.

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Post by Tofuik » Fri Jun 08, 2007 1:19 am

SH-101 - Sexy, fun, strap-on synthesis, with a sequencer to boot.

ER-mkII - fun as h**l for a while but I just couldn't get it to fit in.

Evolver - amazing, a bit frustrating, I wish you were prettier.

SQ-80 - makes me feel complete, a breeze to program and sounds amazing with a few effects.

Virus A- the dark VA from h**l, but it aggravated me.

PT-100 - vibraphone preset is amazing

Nanloop 2.1 - fun, but not old school sounding enough.

LSDJ 3.7.4 - sounds amazing, now if only I could figure it out.
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Post by synthetic88 » Fri Jun 08, 2007 3:08 am

Poly 800
thin as starving worm
they say you are analog
but where is the beef?

is it digital?
Stacked patches have analog
random girthiness

OMG the hex
has me dreaming in numbers
32 8F A4 11 0F

Proteus 1
love at first listen
with 16-bit piano
but why no filter?

love hate love hate love
oscillator is phasey
but complex timbres

Super Jupiter w/Programmer
beefy analog
with velocity sensing
super vintage brass
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Post by bill H. » Fri Jun 08, 2007 6:39 pm

A few thought on a few things of mine...
Maxi-Korg You are so quirky and unconventional. I learned to program on you, which screwed me up for years.
DX7 I used you so much, but never completely took to your sound. You were around because everyone else I was involved with at the time thought a lot of you.
Jupiter 6 Your VCOs, envelopes, and LFOs have so much range to them. And your sound is so incredibly textured and original. But honey you are so aggressive! I'm often shackling you to outboard EQ, taming your mids in order to get you to conform and fit in. Sorry my dear. I know that's not what you really want.
Prophet 600 Your filter is all I could ask for in a 24db lowpass. It's resonance just sounds perfect to me. But your envelopes... I know let's not go there.
Fantom S with a bunch of expansions I love your variety! And your Supersaw and AlphaJuno waves! And your wonderful tube amp sim! But as a programmer, you are harder to deal with than you should be. I don't know why. You've got that big screen.
XP-80 I had your smaller brother and wore it out. I found you unused for $400... the best bargain I've ever had. I love you to death. You are the only digital synth that I truly know intimately every paramater on. I have hundreds of original sounds on you that I couldn't live without.
CP-80 Heresy in a synth forum, but I love you most of all. You will always be set up wherever I live, as you have ever since I retired you from touring 20 years ago.

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Post by Joxer96 » Fri Jun 08, 2007 9:31 pm

Korg DW6000 Another s**t sandwich, but this one's a foot-long with the works. Terrible sounding. Thin. I honestly thought it was broken the first time I played it, the bass end is so weak.

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Post by astraeus000 » Fri Jun 08, 2007 11:23 pm

Alesis Fusion: you are one ugly silver motherhumper......but.........

I like you

alot :wink:

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Post by AudiosEnvy » Sat Jun 09, 2007 2:32 am

Mv8800 - Hook up an LCD and all your synths... sit back and make music. It's a beast

Novation Ks4 - Liquid, punchy and bright. Amazing sound AND features for the money

Ms2000b - Weird, Fun as fcuk to program, passible character and tone

Er-1 - Great digital drums, fun weird FX, sequencer to inspire

Ea-1 - You've seen better days

Em-1 - Nice sounding, fun little ROMpler

Rs7000 - Second best hardware sequencer of all time. Passible sound with A LOT of work.

Rm1x - Pretty much same as above

An1x - Oh how I miss thee. VA at it's finest with a price to impress

Ion - Character and tone to fit those with Tinnitus... why did I buy you? Oh right, your like comunism, looks good on paper but sounds like s**t in practice.

Jp8000 - Sound for the House and Trance Gods. A true VA classic

Jd800 - An interface that impresses even the simplest of minds and a sound to match. Kinda miss ya buddy


MFB Synthlite - Ahh, I can live without ya. May pick up your big brother soon though. Decent sound, decent features

Emx-1 - Great, punchy sound... if your doing anything "dark" you might want to stay away... looking for punchy? This is your b***h.

Esx-1 - Nice hardware sampler but has nothing that can't be had by other peices or software. Still a very inspiring piece of HW

Motif - Best sounding ROMpler of the big 3. Unless your familiar with the Yamaha way, it will take awhile to wrap your head around

Triton - Compressed sound, great features... you decide on this one

Access Virus - One of my favorite, most versatile, feature packed VAs of all... A character and tone you can live without... but can't... Uhhhh

Cs2x - Fun little synth that can be had for cheap, a beginners friend but something a vet can live without

Oh man, I've owned a shitload more but it's been many years of wasted music production and some pieces fall through the cracks.
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Post by redfurniture » Tue Jun 12, 2007 8:07 pm

Teisco 60f - Best buy ever, lovely bass... but I really want its big brother.

Yamaha CS10 - Tried so hard to get some decent bass sound, more soaked than punchy, sometimes that's what you need, never gonna sell it.

Korg Poly 800 - Just loved the reversed keys...

Roland Jx3P w PG200 - Lovely strings and some other great DCO-metallic sound

Farfisa Foyer - The cutest organ ever!!!

Siel DK80 - Im so sad it broke down, never got the chance to know it really. Still got it...

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