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Here i go

Post by Dunewar » Wed Jun 13, 2007 2:47 pm

Nice thread!

Now :
Yamaha P-120 stage piano : As a piano player first and foremost, I love you to death. You are friendly to my back, and you never complained when I bumped you into doors and walls, and you never broke down during a bumpy car ride. You've been on all my gigs from the start.
Roland XV-3080 You give me all the bass I could ask for in a gig, but somehow your other sounds are difficult to program right... You never failed me when I sequence you with the mpc for a walking bass line, but somehow i never succeed in turning your knobs till you moan just right...
MPC-1000 Aah Mr. PC, where would I be without you. You make a lonely piano player sound like a full band. All the countless hours I spent in filling you up with the weirdest samples and the grooviest sequences pay off when the crowd taps their feet and shakes their head. I like stroking you and hitting you in every angle possible!
Korg Wavestation I'm sorry. I don't play you nearly enough to do you justice. I can talk to you for hours on end and not be bored! But somehow your digital movie-score like sound doesn't fit in to my jazz/groove type of music i'm performing with. Someday i'll take you out for a day you'll never forget, untill then, you are my bedroom hero.
Roland Juno 6 You've only been in my life a couple of months, but your growing on me fast! Your simplicity seems like the perfect antidote for the wavestation's depth. Your sweet sound makes up for tuning instability and the lack of memory that comes with old age. May my music room be your last playground, fierce warrior!
Yamaha PSR-500 those were the days... I worked a month to pay you off when I wasn't even sweet sixteen. You introduced me into the world of keys and sounds, rythms and sequences. You are retired now, but there will allways be a place in my house for you (if not allways in my music room). I'll allways remember you with fondness, even if I have no use for your limited sound palet anymore.

Past :
Novation Bassstation You must be a little handy box for some, but your simple basssounds never convinced me. We recently parted ways, and I wish you all the best in the hands of someone that can use your synth-bass. I couldn't.
Redsound Darkstar XP Everybody makes mistakes... You were my first "proper synth", and I kept thinking "is this it?". You were a perverse little bastard, an ugly shouting troll in a nice table-top form. Just thinking of your hideous OS makes me shiver and remember those cold, icy harshly digital fingers you put on me. I'm glad I got you out!
"Do not fear mistakes. There are none. "
Miles Davis

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You guys are too wordy

Post by desdinova » Thu Jun 14, 2007 3:18 am

TX816 I came!
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Post by 7Hz » Thu Jul 12, 2007 12:07 am

AKAI MPC 60 - solid and usable in 1994, quirky these days
AKAI MPC 4000 - MPC 60 for the next century, last of the great sampler drum machines, goodbye computer sequencers
AKAI S900 - Crunchy and simple, I loved you
AKAI S1000 - Fun in 1996, funny in 2004
AKAI S3000 - You did a job, but are out of one now!
AKAI S5000 - Big screen, but do you have a character of your own?
EMU EMAX II - First love cuts the deepest, but when you loose my programming, I curse you!
EMU ESI 4000 - Workhorse for a while, now jobless and valueless. 1999 £1200, 2007 £50 :-(
ARP AXXE - Funky 70's soundtrack synth, I found you in the rain for £2.50 and gave you a good home!
KORG MS-10 - Impulse purchase I'll never regret, the best filter sound and pure characterful fun box. Take me with you!
SEQUENTIAL PRO-1 - Technical sounding and versatile, one of the best monos. Look past the bad construction and listen.
ROLAND SH-101 - Sometimes nice, sometimes plasticy and bad
ROLAND MKS-30 + PPG 200 - Cheep way to get a Roland sound, good strings, noisy but nice
ROLAND DX-7 - Brown
ROLAND D-50 - 80's in a box
ROLAND TZ-816 and Atari programmer - Why EIGHT DX-7's in a box??? Weird sounds is all I could make
NORD LEAD - Exciting in 1998, then we saw through your thin sound. Uninspiring
NORD MODULAR - Fun initially, but ultimately a bit thin sounding and frustrating to program, down with mice!
ENSONIQ VFX - Good master keyboard, dated sounds
MOOG SOURCE - Heavy dial, speak and spell membrane switches, not half bad sound!
MOOG MICROMOOG - Lovely woody sounds
MOOG MINIMOOG - Limited but nice sounds, overrated
MOOG LP - Love at first listen, quality in a box
MOOG VOYAGER - Impressive looks, OK sounds but not totally convinced
STEINBERG AVALON for the Atart ST - Buggy but brilliant synthesis, Nord Modular 15 years early
CASIO VL-TONE - Cute calculator that does analog synth sounds, started me down the slipery slope...
BOSS DR-101 - Limited first drum machine that taught me about drum programming, some supprisingly good sounds in 2007
MPC-4000, Jupiter 6, Pro-One, MS-10, Arp Axxe, Ensoniq VFX, MKS-30 + PG200, (Casio VL Tone, Drumtrax, R5, DR-110...)

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Post by hearttimes » Thu Jul 12, 2007 1:13 am

Prophet 5 - every real synth player must own at least once in their lifetime.

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Post by BadTeeth » Thu Jul 12, 2007 2:12 am

CASIO VL-TONE The ultimate tune smith.

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Post by elmosexwhistle » Thu Jul 12, 2007 10:24 pm

casio pt 1 - you taught me to arpeggiate with my fingers because you're monophonic...i love your fantasy patch and your much so i carry you in my bag at all times...

yamaha pss780 - i've had you for many years but only recently have i found out the true manic capabilities of your 2op fm synthesis :)

yamaha an1x - why do you keep surprising me? you do vintage well, you do insane well, you have ways to cheat more multimbrality out of you...i havent even used your free eg yet! <3

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Post by Shleed » Thu Jul 12, 2007 11:19 pm

Doepfer A100: You've officially ruined my life with an almost crack-like addiction and gave me an extreme desire to expand you. Very fun.

Akai S2000: You may seem like an ordinary sampler, but you act like a typical synth. Digital yet warm.

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Post by loss1234 » Fri Jul 13, 2007 4:19 am

looking at my list i can say this, i sure am glad i am not unemployed anymore. so many synths lost to rent payments :( but i am rebuilding my collection after years of just living with "virtual synths"

here's some:

Akai AX60-fond memories. Not for everyone, but super reliable as a performance analog. Gigged (without case!!!) for years

Moog Micromoog-my first analog. bought at yard sale for 20 bucks and didnt work quite right but i didnt know that. i miss it!!!

Prophet 2000-my first sampler. great filters. huge manual. flaky disk drive but cool.

Proteus one-yucky.

Yamaha FB01-also yucky.

Yamaha CS15-great monosynth. so many knobs!!! i liked the filters, very different. I want another one!!! learned subtractive on this.

Yamaha tx81z-great fm at a low price.

Alesis MMt8-how many live PA's did i do with this great live sequencer?

Korg poly 61- doesnt get enough credit as a cheap synth. many good times with this.

Prophet 600. owned you twice. wont let you go this time. slow envelopes, but who cares. love it for what it IS.

Ensoniq eps16+m my first really great sampler. i didnt know how good i had it with you.

Roland JX10 with Pg-800 So many endless hours spent tweaking with the pg800.

Kawai k5000m with knob i wish i hadnt been unemployed for so long and sold you :( a digital classic.

kawai k3m-pretty good for $150. cem filters

roland jv1080- first rompler. wasnt blown away but didnt hate it. some good moments spent.

akai mpc 2000xl. i miss having a hardware of the easiest things in the world to program.

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Post by crufty » Fri Jul 13, 2007 4:42 am

A - FR
C - 7
I - 7
D - 7

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Post by Tyler2000 » Fri Jul 13, 2007 9:23 am

Roland HS-60 - Can't live without.

Casio CZ-101 - Tried to live without, decided I can't but that I need full-size keys. Not that I don't like small keys, I just don't like these keys. Getting a 1000.

Ensoniq ESQ-1 - I love it. Total workhorse.

Simmons SDS-9 - Pads are hard, but usable. Sounds are great! Needs better midi. Especially in.

Yamaha PSS-480 - Great trashy sounds at the drop of a hat. 5 memory spaces is plenty.

Korg AG-1 - The sounds are so great, they could be samples. I've never tried to program it.

Korg EA-1 - Without the sequencer you wouldn't be worth s**t, but I got it cheap and it has cool sounds and is SOOOOOOOO EASY.

Korg ER-1 - Synthesizing sounds is nice, but it doesn't pack enough punch. Great for the seq. and some sounds.

Roland TR-626 - It's great and all, but I think a 505 would be just as good, and won't feel guilty about bending. See ya.

Boss DR. 202 - I quite like it's flexiblity and it's easy to get over the iffy pads and slight output noise (lower than some of my other gear).

Siel MDP-40 - Great drum soudns/useful midi. Could use a seq. and individual drum volumes.

Thomas Californian - fun organ, kind of noisey/shakey, GREAT DRUMS!

SK-1 - Good interals, but lame sampling.

SK-5 - Much better sampling.

so what do I put down here now?

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Post by Mpresev » Tue Nov 06, 2007 8:30 pm

Alesis ION - your sooo fine and your multiple hooters feels like bags of sand.

Korg EM1 - I like to make you scream.

Virus A - I love pushing your buttons. Don't tell my wife about us.

Kstation(when I had it) - damn it!! Mix in the mixxx. How come you don't have enough oooomph your bottom heine?

MC303 - I don't think it's working out between the two of us.. I"m trading you for another ho.

AN1X- Why are you soooo Blue???

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Post by Synthaholic » Tue Nov 06, 2007 9:05 pm

Korg O1/WFD - You never forget your first love, or your first synth. Lush pads and ambient sounds.

Roland D-50 - Sorry that a house fire took you away from me, but I know you're looking down on me from Staccato Heaven. You're still my #1 synth. I may have one again some day.

Korg Polysix - My first, and (so far) my only real analog. Your filters kept me warm on cold winter nights. I hope you're frolicking with my D-50 and O1/W wherever you are.

MicroKorg - Cute little synth I can tote around and run on batteries. I love how you emulate analog, wish you had more keys and polyphony though. Someday, a Prophet may come and take your place.

Yamaha Motif XS6 - Mel Blanc reincarnated as a keyboard. Thousands of sounds in one box. The centerpiece of my rig.

Yamaha TX802 - I just needed another 80s classic. Whether it will grow on me like my D-50 did remains to be seen.
Two VCO: thanks to the push rods, one can choose several forms of waves at the same time!
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Post by Mpresev » Tue Nov 06, 2007 9:19 pm

oh and

Reaktor 5.0 - How come you sound like you just had a heartattack?

Reason 3.0 - You your beautiful from the outside but you act like a blonde sometimes.. Sorry I cheated you off with Ableton Live. Atleast she understands my sequencing needs..

Korg Legacy - Damn woman, stop eating up my CPU. YOu hog..

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Post by Italo_DX » Tue Nov 06, 2007 9:22 pm

Casio SA-5 : Tiny, fun keyboard but with poor-quality samples and only two-note polyphony

Yamaha PortaSound PSS-480 : Interesting sounds and fun effects such as portamento, but thin sound.

Yamaha DX21 : Not a much better sound than the PortaSound, but still solid, reliable and good for bass and electric piano sounds.

Roland JX-3P : Lush, warm analog sounds but limited MIDI support.
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Post by JSRockit » Tue Nov 06, 2007 9:26 pm

Elektron Monomachine - Synthesis Variety, Loads of Noise, and Easy, yet Deep Sequencing in a Dreamy container

Elektron Machinedrum UW - Noise, Beats, and FM with TR sequencing ...simply lovely. (Wish it had more sampling time)

Akai MPC500 - The best battery powered drum machine ever! (as long as you have good samples)

Yamaha CS01 MK II - Twice as nice as the MKI, Casio Size, but Analog Power

Moog LP - No Nonsense Analog Mono... enough said.

Flame Midi Talking Synth - Some Special Noise Sauce Please
Korg Volcas / 6 x TE POs / MicroBrute / EH Space Drum & Crash Pad

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