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Post by Sir Ruff » Thu Apr 05, 2007 5:59 pm

SQ-80 - How could I live without you?

Octave Cat - How did I live without you?

TR-626/Dr. 110 - I could live without you, but never will...

Yamaha PSR-41 - Loving you is so wrong, but feeels so right :oops:

Roland RS-101 - I love that you were cheap... ha...
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Post by shaft9000 » Thu Apr 05, 2007 6:31 pm

Moog LittlePhatty TE - sounds quite different than the Stage version - this maybe my favorite synth ever. Just delicious tone. this is the ULTIMATEFUNKMACHINE.
Korg ms2000 - best features/price ratio ever...can get 'tinny-sounding' and it's no sub for real analog, but so flexible, easy and FUN
ARP 2600 - I've only had you for a little bit now - but you're power, musicality and classic sound are irresistable, despite the 1/8" jacks everywhere.
Spectralis - also new to me...sounds incredible, massively flexible, expensive, and esoteric. the ultimate groovebox???
FR Revolution 2 - not as thick as a 303, and that's perfectly fine. it's better in every way, imho.
Neuron VS - oh man THIS is what digital synths are good at....mad, mad capabilities here
Juno 6 - I don't need you at all, but it's nice to have you around old friend.
EMX - sounds like a hard-on. use protection!
ESX - ideal for trippy dubbed-out weirdness, and some other things.
V-Synth - a special-purpose sound warper. unasbashedly digital but w/ great flexibilty. Best new Roland in many many years?
Sherman Filterbank 2 - the bandleader AND the crew-slut in one. mine could use a trip to the doctor.
Matrix 1000 - paaaaaaadddssssss.....mmmmmm (those epic EGs)
Tassman - insane PM and sequencer builds...but unfortunately it's not functionally 'modular' while it's being played...damned 'builder' window, and limited # of installs kill it though.
Thingamagoop - the imp that keeps on imp-ing

cut from the squad:

Korg Prophecy - more synthesis options than you can shake a Kurzweil at, trapped in a horrible UI and 'blobs' with a mushy keybed from h**l.
Novation Supernova 2 w/keys - best UI arp FX ever implemented on a synth...worst saws ever.
Korg Karma - lots to explore but ...4 manuals??? There's got to be a simpler way!
Tb303 - let 'em have it for stupid $$$ I'll keep my Revo :)
Nord Micromodular - fantastic options but a sound like nails on a chalkboard
M1 - lush digital multis.
T3 - like an M1+, but not quite as sweet sounding
DSI MEK - genius concept, boring filter, sequencer is almost great except it 'shares knobs' w/ filter & EGs, depleting it's usefullness. wicked PWM and delay lines.
Waldorf Pulse - Huge sound, but...I wanted to get inside....more knobs at least would have made the mod matrix & EGs workable.
JV 2080 - no fun to program, filter not good but quite a nice ROMpler otherwise. sounds trapped in 90's.
FR-777 - an aggressive monster of acid. lack of EG flexibilty & any LFO at all means it's not a very good synth to play w/ keys. unbeatable sequenced, tho.
MG-1 - unemployment sucks
SH-09 - unemployment really sucks
CS-5 - unemployment really really sucks
Octave Cat - unemployment really really f*cking sucks


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Post by psiapir » Thu Apr 05, 2007 6:35 pm

Alpha Juno 1 - you be the wildcat... cute, compact and portable appearance... but you conceal claws and a roar! trancey MEEOOWWW

Super JX - just as faith... huge and majestic.. magically floating... heavenly being.. may be a questioning and demanding demon too..

MicroKORG - you're an IMP... tiny and funny looking, but you've got guts.. and evil voice ;).. and you put off so many :D

DX7 - you're just as Immanuel Kant's philosophy.. without fathoming your awkward essence you be just an outragous piece of sh**

Prophet 5 - ... well, name speaks for itself...

Polysix - like extasy pill.... just one 'source', but kicks you down to the floor afterwards...
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Post by Bill_Schroder » Thu Apr 05, 2007 7:59 pm

Seems like a lot of us have a lot of the same stuff (i.e. MicroKorg, Electribes, TR machines). Here are some of my one liners of gear I own and used to own, if anyone's still reading this far. I'll review my samplers too!

MicroKorg - Looks like plastic, sounds like plastic but can get the job done.
Korg ER-1 - Good for what it is, quirky (thin sounding) percussion.
SCI Pro-One - Modulation matrix = love. Cheaply built, but beauty is only skin deep, right?
Ensoniq ESQ-1 - Everyone likes this f**k' machine except me! Go die...
Realistic MG-1 - Fiesty, vintage analog only lacking the Moog name.
Akai S-900 - You sound like caca and I like it.
Roland SH-2 - The synth that taught me what "analog" really means.
Akai S-612 - Somehow extremely useful while fun at the same time.

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Post by JUGEL » Thu Apr 05, 2007 8:57 pm

Ensoniq ESQ-1 - Love the interface and you can make the soundtrack to the game Descent in about 5 minutes on it ... too bad it's way too noisy.. and I'm a pretty lowfi guy (maybe I got lemon).

burnt toast
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Post by burnt toast » Thu Apr 05, 2007 9:52 pm

akai ax-73 : big grey 1-vco analog poly with midi/velocity and some nice sounds.

akai s-3000xl : great sound quality but im not fighting with scsi to save things.

casio vz10m : interesting sounds and possibilties but a bad interface.

jen sx1000 : a fun little monosynth.

kawai k1 : the 8 bit sounds are ok and i love the keyboard action.

kawai k4r : lots of room for exploration and i like the sound a lot, but it feels a bit flawed.

kawai r-50/r-100 : funny old 80's drum machines with quirky sounds.

korg electribe es-1 : love the sequencer but im not sure about the sound quality/timing/storage.

korg prophecy : bit difficult at first but sounds great and lots of options.

nord lead 3 : i've heard some amazing things from it but i dont understand it at all

nord micromodular : its worth it for the fun of experimenting alone.

novation nova : wonderful for pads, competent at most other things

red sound darkstar : ok sounding but a really horrible interface, more of a VD than a VA

roland tr 626 : funny looking beige wedge.

roland juno 106 : didnt like it - and i was really looking forward to playing on one.

yamaha dx-100 : cool little thing but i found it a bit limited

yamaha sy-22 : hated the interface, sound did nothing for me at all.

yamaha tx-7 : sounds ok, love the looks, hate the interface

yamaha tx81z : the FM daddy!

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Post by inasilentway » Thu Apr 05, 2007 9:59 pm

I like the haiku idea:

Casio SK-1

Sample my own burps
circuit-bent patchbay madness
oh no! a key broke

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Post by Phenom » Thu Apr 05, 2007 10:47 pm

Great idea for a thread… inspired me to do my first post here ever, so hi by the way!

So, in pretty much the order in which I owned them…

Casio MT41- Mini home keyboard, sounded ok to me at the time, the drum and bass section were analogue I think

Yamaha PSR48- Bigger home keyboard, filled with soundalikes of 80’s signature sounds, quite thin, but had fun and encouraging features

Technics KN800- Pricey home keyboard, approaching pro-level digital sounds for the time, nice electric pianos

Yamaha QY10- Decent sequencer, loved the package, nice low-fi strings and drums, very menu heavy with its small lcd

Roland D20- Could sound very nice when doing lightweight digital airy sounds, disappeared in the mix though. Nice glassy pianos were a good alternative to the M1 at the time. Fun drums and sequencer

Yamaha Organ- Can’t remember the name, big cheap additive job with drawbars, whiney sounds but it was free. I wonder what model number it was

Roland Juno 60- Wonderful reasonably full sounding analogue that I learned on, still own it today. I go through phases where I feel every sound out of it sounds the same, but I always find a place for it. Filters are too pretty for my ears sometimes

Peavey DPM3se+- Awful digital synth, so 90’s in that it had great features, but didn’t give a damn about making those features usable. Poor in comparison to the M1, picked it because of the sampling option and resonant filters, D20’s filters sounded nicer to me.

Yamaha CS1x- Suffered from same problem as Peavey DPM, great promise, bad implementation. Impressed with the combi sounds, If Yamaha had some guts they would have left the GM stuff off it. Multi-mode was a nightmare and I never worked out how to turn the midi reception off on a per-channel basis.

Korg Poly 61- I think this is quite underrated. Thin, transparent, glassy analogue sounds, but very pretty. Nice arp, friendly, cheap and unassuming

Casio CZ1000- Very chunky and surprisingly warm digital sounds, fairly easy to programme as well, always better than the DX’s in my opinion

Roland TR606- Loved the hats from the very start, the toms grew on me. Probably wouldn’t mind picking up a modded one if I could find one

Roland Alpha Juno 1- Complex sounding DCO’s and an interesting filter sound. A completely unique-sounding synth, probably appreciate it more now, rather miss it

Roland MC202- Solid but cold sounding basses and leads, didn’t like the sequencer, but I adored the small desktop format, keeps to the acid house sensibility

Boss DR660- Decent little drum machine, all the basics covered, sounded nice, but hardly adventurous, liked the roll and flam buttons

FAT Freebass 383- Worst analogue synth I have ever used, absolutely no character whatsoever, mixable waveforms were its only saving grace, BassStation kicks it a*s

Akai S2000- First proper sampler, good compatibility, and upgrades could grow with you. Small screen, and menu heavy of course. I took my upgrades and put them in my MPC.

Korg MS2000- The first virtual analogue which I enjoyed playing, I bought it as soon as I played it for the first time, liked the mod-sequencer a lot, pretty leads and great sound effects and noise. Don’t miss it much, but I enjoyed our time together.

EMU ESI32- Very decent cheap sampler, with more interesting filters than the Akai’s at the time. Liked jamming on the front panel triggers like a cheap phrase sampler, got me in the mood for an MPC

Korg M1- Terrific pad synth, more powerful than people give it credit for, very easy to use, useful and decent sounding effects. The watery Lore sample makes me want to pee whenever I hear it though. And yes, I do still like the pianos

Roland SH2- Still by a long way my favourite bass synth, growly and aggressive one moment, squelchy and acidic the next. I find the filter input very useful too

Akai MPC2000xl- As a sequencer I found it quick and fun to work with, but as a sampler I thought it was quite vanilla, filter sound grew on me after a while, but the sample housekeeping involved in hardware sampling had started to get on my nerves by then, oh, and it should have came with USB as standard

Novation BassStation- Bought this as a Midi-CV interface for the SH2. Find the DCOs thin and angular, very nice filter though, more extreme than an SH101, easy to see why the BassStation became a Goa classic in it’s own right, use the filter input a lot on hi-hats

Roland TR808- My favourite drum machine of all time, a great selection of sounds which mix brilliantly, much more variety than the 909. A lot harder sounding than people seem to think, an outstanding techno and house box and king of the X0Xs.

Yamaha CS01- This was one of the best lead synths I ever had, and I would never have sold it if I could be bothered to sync it. Kinda miss it, but the kid I sold it to seemed so happy with it, so I know it went to a good home

Yamaha RY30- Bought this because I missed a paddy drum machine after I sold my MPC. Found it to be a first-rate digital drum machine, capable of weirdness, but also good for standard housey beats. Think I like this better than a cheap electribe. Very underrated, would like to find cards for it if I could.

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Post by JJQ » Thu Apr 05, 2007 11:09 pm

Roland Juno-6 = wondergul arpegios, base
Korg Mono/Poly = Showed me the analog world, the craziest arpegios
Roland Mc-202, the best base, the worst sequencer
Roland Jx-3p = Metalic and friendly
Yamaha CS-50 = Starship navigator, calculates hyperspace jumps
Roland JUno-60 = Simple but never cheap or booring
Cheetah MS-6 = Sounds great!
Roland MKS-30 = Metalic, friendly and small
Kawai Sx-240 = ooo my good what a poly. Would never ever sould if it wasnt to get my JP-8
Teisco 60f = Just great
Teisco 110f = Even greater, flexible, analogue, sounds a bit jupiter-4 sometimes
Roland Jupiter-8 = great interface & arp., total roland sound

Roland TB-303 = Lost in the silverbox

Oberheim Xpander = Out of words
Sequential Pro-One = Beautifull, just beuatiful
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Post by JUGEL » Thu Apr 05, 2007 11:40 pm

Hey Phenom.. you've got good taste... and I've never seen anyone mention a Technics KN synth before!! :) I had one but gave it to a platonic girlfriend to play around with.

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Post by JUGEL » Thu Apr 05, 2007 11:43 pm

The MC-202 sequencer is the s**t.. you can't play it... you have to let it play you.. so many odd triplets and things to play with. Just do simple and creative math and can make up some of the crazyist stuff ever. Very fun if you don't have a specific plan in mind (because the rest system sucks!!!) .. for simple things .. use a different sequencer.

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Post by JJQ » Fri Apr 06, 2007 12:52 am

The problem is that I suck on math, even the easiest. Still love the MC-202.
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Post by urgetoplay » Fri Apr 06, 2007 1:01 am

Voyetra eight: You need a Rosetta stone
CS-80: Touch me and make me sing.
Arp Chroma : I'm a complicated lady but well worth the effort
Hartmann Neuron : Yin/Yang sound philosophy in a subtractive box
Prophet 10 : And still you wait for a stand
OSCar: Built by a 5th grade arts and craft group ...are you an airconditioner?
Microwave 1 : Walking on broken glass...
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Post by Angstwulf » Fri Apr 06, 2007 1:33 am

[quote="shaft9000Sherman Filterbank 2 - the bandleader AND the crew-slut in one


That so makes me want to try one out!

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Post by EddieJ » Fri Apr 06, 2007 1:47 am

Back in 2002
Korg EA-1: Welcome to sequencing and synthesis. I can't have chorus and delay together?
Korg ER1: I can make my own drums. Why is the "Bass Boost" more like a distortion knob?
Korg ES1: I don't know enough about sampling to make good use of you. Only one effect?
Yamaha RM1x: Nice sequencer, cheesy sounds, but I didn't know any better.

Three year hiatus

Korg MX1- Holy cow, this is great for leads, bass, and arps (love that ribbon!). Not so good for pads (monosynth for pads? Of course not!)
Korg SX1- My greatest place for drums and samples.
MC307: Nice sequencer, decent sounds, but I wanted an easier interface for my sequencing (sold and replaced with tablet PC with Ableton Live).
Yamaha FB01: Maybe if you really want crappy sounds, go for it. I couldn't edit it; who needs preset FM? Sold.
microKorg: Quick and dirty vocoding, but I wish I could use two oscillators when using the vocoder!
Roland MT32: Neat and cheap, but so many better ROMplers exist, I let it go.
Roland JV1010: great sound, but no one made an editor that really works right on a computer made since 2001. (Sold, bought again, then sold for Triton rack).
Korg MS2000R: Mod sequencer, yeah!
Novation A Station: Nice synth, but it's hard to program with the two digit display. Kinda wish I still had it.
Roland SH32: Nicely arranged interface, but sure wish I could tell what the "original values" were.
Novation Nova: Why oh why did I ever let you go?
Novation X Station: I can't sync the LFO? Why not??? You'd be awesome if I could just sync your LFO's!!!
Korg Triton Rack: Finally, a ROMpler with good effects and an interface I can understsand.
Korg Radias-R: My favorite synth so far!
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