virus c for minimal and techno

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virus c for minimal and techno

Post by alexandro80 » Sun Jul 22, 2007 2:52 pm

Salute by all!
I have question to dear experts!
I am the owner of the various equipment among which is virus c.
My task to make various techno music in spirit such lables as M_nus, Perlon, Traum, Cadenza,Cocoon, Klingklong....
The matter is that at me it is impossible to apply a virus to creation interesting experemental sounds. Basically music turns out trance((
Problem in me?
I do not have necessary skills of programming of a virus?
Or the virus is the machine for a trance of music?
Whether there are good examples of application of a virus in modern minimal music?
Probably in my set of synthesizers a virus superfluous? Whether has sense to change it for example on monomachine?

my setup:
g2 engine
machinedrum sps-1
virus c

p.s.:Excuse me for my bad English -)

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Synthetic Solace
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Post by Synthetic Solace » Sun Jul 22, 2007 5:41 pm

i can see how things could go trance very easily with the virus but it should still be able to give you some bread and butter sounds too.But if you really are looking for it to sound like a real analog you may want to go with something else.I love the virus its my most wanted synth but it deffiently does end up sounding overdriven with effects and trancey if you don't watch how your programming it.
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Post by JUGEL » Sun Jul 22, 2007 6:46 pm

You might wanna ditch it to be honest.... I find "techno" is not what the Virus is all that good for ... most wouldn't agree .. but then I usually don't agree with them on what "techno" is ... and usually those people don't even like/make techno anyway so I don't understand why they even bother. Most people think 303 Roland RES'd out sounds must always equal techno... Techno music is my main muse and I hate those kind of sounds ... go figure.

Of all the synths I've had .. the only one that really nailed that "tech-house" sound was my D50. Not that I suggest gettting that piece exactly.... but you might want to look at hybrids (DW8000? Kawai ??)or even a simple sampler ... . or go REAL digital(Kurzweil K2000s)... or PURE analog with a simple fun sampler (Akai S612? .. works for Herbert).

I would love a Virus, but I wouldn't use it for techno(well maybe a little ;) ). I'd love it for pads, pop leads and quirky chordstabs.... or very emotional typical Vangelis sounds (check out Kybdwizards videos).

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Post by Wiglaf » Mon Jul 23, 2007 4:09 am

There's no such thing as a techno or trance synth. It's all in the programming.

To be honest, looking at your setup, I personally would not use the Virus for minimal techno. h**l, the Machinedrum alone has you covered.
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Post by Andy_X69 » Mon Jul 23, 2007 4:13 am

As a Virus TI owner (and previous owner of the Virus C) I can say no need to worry. Not everything on the Virus instantly sounds techno or trance. The spectral waves in the oscs and LFOs combined with the modmatrix means you can create demented and bizzare pads, textures and atmospheres. Virii can also to good bass, leads etc., Cubase 4/TC Powercore X8/MOTU PCIe424 with 24io/MOTU MIDI Express 128

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