Maxikorg vs Korg 800DV

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Postby Dirk » Thu Nov 29, 2007 5:20 am

Solderman wrote:
Dirk wrote:The second VCO on the 700s can't be detuned ether, it can just have (sub)harmonics of the master vco. Only the 770 has 2 fully ajustable vco's. The 800DV has 2 fully ajustable vco's and 2 extra (sub)harmonic vco's.

Erm, my 700s has a detune for the second osc. It's only a saw wave though, and it's inverted from the other osc's Saw. I'm certain of this because I spent hours trying to get the tuning of it to scale properly with the first one. It uses two trimpots (lower and upper scale) which is a pain in the arse compared to a single trim adjustment. I am guessing but I believe some of them have it and some don't.

I didn't know that there are 2 versions of the 700s. Now I want one with ajustable tuning to!
And I want it on my 800DV.
oryjen wrote:Btw, the M500 "Micropreset" doesn't belong to that family:
The 700, 700S, 770, 800DV, 900PS, SyntheBass and PE 1000 have the famous LP & HP serial "Diod filters", while the M500 has the same "KORG35" integrated LP filter than the MS10, X-911 & MS20 MkI.

Anybody know the differences between the 770 and the 700S?

Do you see the black square blocks in the open synth picture posted by Jexus?

Those are prehistoric integrated modules (VCOs, VCFs, EGs, VCAs): In fact, all discrete circuitry hidden in a plastic black box, to defeat industrial spying.
Well, the VCAs are different, so the sound isn't excatly the same...

The 770 does not have the "integrated circuit's" if I'm correct. But vco's, eg's and vcf's are the same.
Where do the vca's differ?

P.S. I bet that in a year from now prices have gone up, simply because we hype these synths here.
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Postby Automatic Gainsay » Thu Nov 29, 2007 5:45 am

There is nothing scary about Maxikorg's going for $800 and above:

I was very interested in them in 2005, and that's what they were going for then.

Secondly, they're frickin' two synthesizers in one, and duophonic... why shouldn't they go for more than many other synths??
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