Peavey Paradox Synth

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Peavey Paradox Synth

Post by StepLogik » Tue Oct 09, 2007 5:44 pm

Shown at the 1998 NAMM show:


Apparently it never made it to market.

There is some more info, pix, and audio samples here:

Anyone ever seen one of these things or know more about it?

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Post by JUGEL » Tue Oct 09, 2007 8:33 pm

:shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:


that thing looks awesome.. so 90's!! Love the belch sound!

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Post by tallowwaters » Tue Oct 09, 2007 9:56 pm

i have read up tons on it. it would have been an impressive synth had it ever been released. i used to have a page full of links, though i am sure most are 404 by now...
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Post by CTB » Wed Oct 10, 2007 10:01 am

I started a thread on this ages ago, and the consensus then was that a total of four were made in blue and red. One guy used to own two of them (the Rolamtech guy, I think), but since sold at least one of them. I believe one ended up in Aussieland, but I'm pushing the limits of my memory now. I even wrote to Peavey about this and got a personal reply back. The person who answered me was just as disappointed as we are about it not being made. I think the sound is pretty cool and would love to have one.

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Post by Synthacon » Wed Oct 10, 2007 11:17 am

AFAIK there were about 4 or 5 made and a couple changed hands over the last 18 months or 2 years on eBay. Certainly a nice product.

It just goes to show that market forces can kill a product, Peavey are certainly a large company and could not take the risk of making the thing. Something alot of people on here think is just as easy as designing a new synth and then putting it in to shops.

If you look at MacBeth, it is in reality a one man operation and so small runs of gear can sustain him, the larger companies can not even contemplate selling just 250 of something. It is a sad thing, but the basics of business. Why put the effort in to building 250 Analogue synths that just a few people will buy when they can shift tens of thousands of workstations and ROMplers?
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Post by shaft9000 » Thu Oct 11, 2007 12:56 am

HOLY c**p i remember that thing. 1998 was a loooong time ago.
they only made 4...too bad for us

i like how there are 3 EGs, and 2 LFOs plus 4 'modulation' knobs, and the touchstrip w/ the printing on it is brilliant.

plus it's RED

man, what a loss.
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Re: Peavey Paradox Synth

Post by paulmirk » Thu Mar 01, 2018 10:05 am

I have one of these and I did a really bad demo of it a few years ago on YouTube.
Wow. Only four of them?
Interesting synth.
Definitely unfinished but lots of potential.
Monophonic. 2 Osc plus a sub.
Aggressive filter and envelopes.
Has a slightly cold sound typical of Peavey synths.
Interesting controller portion with lots of knobs, an antennae and a pitch strip.

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Re: Peavey Paradox Synth

Post by urgetoplay » Wed Mar 07, 2018 12:10 am

We talked about this a few years back. I'm glad you still have it.

IIRC there were two different color schemes but maybe I'm mistaken.
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