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Post by JSRockit » Mon Oct 22, 2007 6:03 pm

supermel74 wrote:
JSRockit wrote:
supermel74 wrote:Vermona DRM MKII, Jomox XBase09.
It'll bury them? That is an overstatement. Those are great machines if used in the correct context (just like the DS)... the Drumstation maybe cool...but it isn't that cool.
Bury may have been a strong word, but the Xbase09 is essentially a 909 clone? The Drumstation will do a 909 as close to spot on as it gets and a pretty close 808. The Jomox does have the sequencer, but it's "quirky" by most accounts. I know you've said that you don't care for rack gear, but have you used a Drumstation?
Yeah, I don't like racks...but I also think the 09 was too quirky as well. However, it sounds good. The DS, nope never bothered with it... I've come to find that I am more of a machinedrum / mpc fan than a analog drum 808 / 909 fan... and I actually prefer the 808 / 909 stuff I get on the MD more... I guess I like digital clarity when it comes to drums. Then again, I'm not making dance music or pop rap. Basically, what I was thinking is that the DS, Vermona, and the 09 are all good machines that have their own pluses and minuses... and one doesn't really bury the other in terms of usefulness. (PS: I hate the ER-1)
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