2500$ for Odyssey, 1100$ for Axxe

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Post by redchapterjubilee » Wed Nov 07, 2007 8:32 pm

It's even worse. Not only does he have his way with the synths before he turns them out, he videotapes it and shows it to the world.

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Post by smallsynth » Wed Nov 07, 2007 8:52 pm

at least he uses protection. i mean, the videos aren't as entertaining, but i care about those synths -- some of them misguided and barely vintage.

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Post by minime123 » Wed Nov 07, 2007 9:02 pm

ill have you know my weiner only touches vintage synths of legal consenting age. i was once asked to play a roland v synth with my weiner. the very same guy was busted on that to catch a synth predator show. you know the 1. hes now serving hard time in a small cell in high security synth prison with a casio vl tone forever stuck in demo mode. dont make the same mistake... or even joke about it.
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Post by miket156 » Thu Nov 08, 2007 6:42 pm

Quote by Automatic Gainsay:

"My Mini is of the same vintage of yours, as long as it wasn't an RA Moog or Musonics Moog that you bought. I have the old oscillator boards and while my 2nd oscillator drifts a bit, it doesn't drift enough to really be a problem. Oscillators 1 and 3 may even be in tune after being shut off overnight. If your oscs were that sensitive, I'm going to say that there was something wrong with it . (unless it was an RA or Musonics... I can't speak for them) The "improved" oscillator board featured more stable oscs, but also lost a bit of the desireable audio aspects of the previous board."

Keep in mind I use to move my Mini Moog around to gigs. Lots of temperature change, and during the winter some of the places we played didn't have anything close to a constant temperature. The later model Mini Moog was used under the same conditions and was more stable. I A/Bed both synths and I couldn't tell any difference in the sound. At least not something that I could hear. IIRC, early Mini Moogs were hand built, just like the modern day Voyager. I really don't know how many internal components Moog changed back in those days. Arp had a tendency to cheapen things when they could. Instead of raising prices, they cheapened the product is my guess.

Instability was the nature of the beast with early synths. I remember seeing Billy Joel in concert in NYC (Lincoln Center) when he first came back to NY after getting a record deal in LA. He had cut a new album and was showcasing his new songs during this concert. In addition to his piano, he had TWO Mini Moogs on-stage to his right. I remember seeing a techie TUNING it while he was playing "The Entertainer" (Not Scott Joplin) which had a Mini Moog Lead in the song. The damn thing didn't stay in tune any better than mine did. That was late 1973 or early 74, as I can best remember. Bottom line, there wasn't anything wrong with my Mini Moog, it just drifted.

Later synths were better.

Mike T.

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