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Post by metrosonus » Mon Dec 10, 2007 10:01 pm

I do know everbody hates you was was with the kstation, at least he admitted to that in the Lj he has and then sold the kstation ..

but ah to not totaly be negative, he does get a good thing going on ceartain songs.. but most of it is half assed and the lyrics are total c**p. the lyrics are a new low for the genre.

as an old scenester.. i've debated and redabted the whole scene thing.. I cant come to any solid conclusion .. it's obviously not what it started out as. back in the day, I felt special to be apart of something like that, the scene was much smaller, much more friendlier and the range of music was incredible.

So i guess I can say i'm not really into it these days .. I miss the homemade angle.. it was all homemade and for the most part original not like todays cut and paste world that's homogonized things.

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