What misconceptions about your synths drive you nuts?

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What misconceptions about your synths drive you nuts?

Post by braincandy » Fri Dec 21, 2007 6:35 am

Just curious, but what common remarks by other gear-heads or misconceptions that others have about a synth or synths you own bug you the most?
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Post by gordwiebe » Fri Dec 21, 2007 6:46 am

that the ion/micron is the best analog emulator. The sound of that thing drove me nuts - like raking a circuit board against my ears.

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Post by Shleed » Fri Dec 21, 2007 6:51 am

"Microkorg is just a toy"

Really grates me, that line.

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Post by Joey » Fri Dec 21, 2007 7:02 am

"the virus is just for trance"
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Post by i_watch_stars » Fri Dec 21, 2007 7:25 am

I give 3 days max for this thread to go nuclear.
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Post by Jexus » Fri Dec 21, 2007 7:54 am

"analog synths are best"

run n hide, i drop my digital nuke , suckaz!

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Post by Stab Frenzy » Fri Dec 21, 2007 8:26 am

"Evolvers can't do vintage analogue sounds"

"keytars look cool"

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Post by GeneralBigbag » Fri Dec 21, 2007 8:29 am

"The Sherman is a brutal sound mangler"

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Post by mao » Fri Dec 21, 2007 9:28 am

"The Alesis Andromeda doesn't sound analog"

"The Alesis Andromeda has cold oscillators"

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Post by piRoN » Fri Dec 21, 2007 9:37 am

"The CS-15 has slow envelopes."

"Wow, you're so talented."
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Post by JJQ » Fri Dec 21, 2007 9:52 am

1. Old analogs are unreliable, especially the CS-50/60/80

2. The Minimoog is overrated

3. You can live without a tb-303

4. Only geeks and collectors buyes vintage synths

For the moment.
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Post by West_Berliner » Fri Dec 21, 2007 9:53 am

"why do you want another synth? don't they all sound the same?"
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Post by Psy_Free » Fri Dec 21, 2007 11:54 am

'The Mono/Poly is thin sounding'
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Post by Dirk » Fri Dec 21, 2007 12:10 pm

Hardware synths are difficult to intergate in daw's.
Probably never heard of midi.
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Post by Tyler2000 » Fri Dec 21, 2007 12:24 pm

West_Berliner wrote:"why do you want another synth? don't they all sound the same?"
ugh! That one is the worst of all!!!!
so what do I put down here now?

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