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Posted: Sun Jan 20, 2008 1:00 am
by killedaway
sacredcow wrote:I waste a lot.
Nova- Everything
Kawai K4- Controller
E-MU XL-7- Sequencer
Casio ht700- Fun
and your ES MkII? i miss mine. it was a lot simpler than my ESX but for some reason, it was also more fun. i loved the "lower fi" output as well. dirty drums that sounded great!

Posted: Sun Jan 20, 2008 1:10 am
by braincandy
sacredcow wrote: Btw, braincandy, have you upgraded to OS 4.0 on the Nova? It'd almost insane how much it adds (new filter models, features, a few more voices of polyphony, ..etc.).
It came with 4.1, and I've read about the update on SOS's website, so I know it has the potential to do a lot. My ReMOTE SL doesn't need any templates for it---it's like having the Nova keyboard separately as you can actually read the Nova's parameters and values you're adjusting on the SL! I just have to set aside more time for exploring it more fully.

Posted: Sun Jan 20, 2008 3:38 am
by elphcoil
fun topic.

dx-7 used for pads and cacophony. used mostly as a controller for the last good number of years. the keyboard action just feels right to me even though the keys won't send a velocity cc any higher than 100.

evolver used for bass, leads, weird effects. the delay lines are so much fun and i like the fact that you can overload the dac. ignore the naysayers, i set a subwoofer on fire with this at a club once.

sherman fb2 spectacular for destroying anything put into it. if it had a nickname it would be blendtec. the perfect tool to scare the s**t out of the neighbors. unpredictable and inspirational.

mc-202 acid, leads and sub bass. the portamento drum trick is an added bonus too. the cv input delay is a drag but the squelch redeems it.

cs5 the high pass filter works wonders for beefing up kick drums. simple and clean and the filter often finds its way into my aux buss chain.

korg 770 i like to add this into the chain of a delay or reverb return. the band pass filter sounds fan-freakin-tastic on pads. it sounds spacey.

pro-one great for acid, leads, sub bass, percussive sounds and whacked out mod patches. i bought it for $87 when the korg 01w was all the rage. the store selling it said it was in need of repair and that it wouldn't make a sound. the attack knob was at 10. silly bastards. ah yes, the mid 90's were a great time to buy "outdated" synths.

mks-7 no patch memory, no problem. i edit the sounds with my 106 and then dump the sysex data into the sequence track for instant recall whenever i load the song. used primarily for pads and strings but the occasional lead comes out of it.

mv-8000 i use this as you'd expect, that is i use it for drum patterns. i find the work flow to be quick and it's oh so refreshing to know that i will never receive an email or an IM while jamming with it. rock solid, it's never crashed on me. this runs master clock during gigs. for a proper thrashing, the frostwave alienator resides just above the volume knob during gigs. in the late 90's it was all about stretching 32mb over the course of an hour long live set so 512mb or ram is a godsend for me.

Posted: Sun Jan 20, 2008 3:53 am
by tyrannosaurus mark
This thread is great!

A quick question, who here uses all their synths at once regularily, who has multiple different 'complete' setups to be run all at once, and who just uses their synths all seperatly? Because I guess that would influence your synth buying decisions greatly

Posted: Sun Jan 20, 2008 3:57 am
by elphcoil
i'd need a bigger mixer to run all of my synths at once.


Posted: Sun Jan 20, 2008 5:48 am
by WDW
Although there is certainly overlap between various synths in my studio, I have intentionally chosen instruments with their own character, which is really what I am after.

When my studio was around a half-dozen synths, I would power it all at once, but, now that it has grown substantially from that time (and I have not rewired the power supply) I only run those that I am going to record at any given time. Typically one to four. [Unlike elphcoil, I actually have enough mixers to run everything simultaneously, but I recently boxed upon most of them and went the patchbay route. Freed up a lot of rack space.]


Posted: Mon Jan 21, 2008 1:49 am
by OriginalJambo
tyrannosaurus mark wrote:A quick question, who here uses all their synths at once regularily, who has multiple different 'complete' setups to be run all at once, and who just uses their synths all seperatly? Because I guess that would influence your synth buying decisions greatly
I run them all at the same time with the exception of the S-100P, Logan stringer and Polivoks as that isn't here right now.

Posted: Mon Jan 21, 2008 6:57 am
by MissionBrown
juno 60 - Meat
poly800 - Potatoes
microkorg - portamento and cv control
soundlab - noise c**p, now sponge since the last downpour.
modular - poorly built noise c**p thats now in bits again... to make it better!

waiting on a DCB/Midi box then the Juno will control the poly800 as a 2nd oscillator bank for when I want me some unison beef, or faking organ sounds.

Posted: Mon Jan 21, 2008 7:41 am
by Alex E
SY22- Lo-fi digital vector sounds

ESQ-1- bell sounds, basses, leads

EPS- drums, hardcore industrial percussion

ER-1- exactly what it's designed for

JP-8000- Super saw sounds, strings, detuned eurodance sounds, sfx, space station noises, bass, 80's sounds, italo sounds, sync leads, etc...

TR-505, It's punchy 80's drum sounds are actually quite nice if you want to make italo disco

CS01- analoggy bubbly sounds, basses, pwm leads

SK-1- Not really used in my setup but it's basically the ultimate yak bak (anyone remember those?) Other that that it's pretty good for lo-fi industrial sounds.

TX81z- bass, bells, and industrial sounds

Juno-106- still have to fix, but when I do I'll use it for basses, italo sounds, eurodance sounds, and pads.

Microkorg- basses, sfx, main synth leads, cool dwgs sounds

CS1x- At a friends house right now...

Re: Your synths and their function/place within your setup

Posted: Tue Aug 18, 2009 11:31 pm
by rickyd
I'm impressed with everything I see here guys :D

Re: Your synths and their function/place within your setup

Posted: Thu Aug 20, 2009 2:29 am
by Mr Knesh
This thread lives!

Re: Your synths and their function/place within your setup

Posted: Thu Aug 20, 2009 9:32 am
by tyrannosaurus mark
Moog Little Phatty: Does everything for me

Re: Your synths and their function/place within your setup

Posted: Thu Aug 20, 2009 9:44 am
by Pro5
Back from the dead, as all good threads should be :)

AN1X - a bit of everything, found it to be quite flexible... very deep pads, dark atmospheres, tinkly textures, psuedo-phat leads, smooth basses. The synth has an air of 'facsimile' about it, not negatively, just that it's so capable of all these tasks that it's almost too easy... you look for the 'catch', next to a real moog or prophet 5 I'm sure it would sound very tame and synthetic (a synthetic synth, what a concept), but 'in a mix' or against a load of 'non VCO synths' it's a thing of pure joy :)

D-50 Mainly pads, and faux analog staccato leads, very cutting in a mix when used for 'melody'. Space atmospheres. 'Sonic Magic', classic digital edge, Strings etc...

SY77 Another flexible one, some 'very realistic' sounds (if played in the right register), sublime FM weirdness, slippy/buttery 'almost' leads with ambience and movie like tones. Brooding textures, E-Pianos, Bells, metals, usual DX type stuff but mixed with a bit of D-50-esque magic, analog-ish sounds, Basses, strings etc..

JX-3P Retro/vintage strings, vintage bells, vintage sequencer parts... clangy, metallic, half-warm nostalgic stuff. Contrasts or layers nicely with the DX7 / SY77 / D50 - *very* 80s (which I love)

JX-8P Warm subtle strings and pads, bright or rounded rhythmic parts, some basses (Or support for the main bass), sound effects, slippery but subtle leads (in solo mode), fits in a mix well

SY85/DX7IID Not used as much due to some crossover with the above, but the SY85 has some great EPs, Strings, big pads and movie like sounds... a good support synth to have for use on the occasional song (I used to use JUST a TG-500 (rack version) on it's own for all my music back in the mid 90s!). DX7IID - similar use to SY77 but not as flexible or as powerful, basses and panning e-pianos, weird fm textures - would prob sell now I have the SY77 if not for the fact it's.. a DX7 (which I wanted since I was a nipper)

M1 - Don't really use it at all (will be selling it soon; been saying that for a year but can't be bothered)

I run the first 5 all at once through a Yamaha MG mixer, I don't use all of them in any one song, I think the max I've used is 3 in one song (usually the JXs + DX or D-50, and the SY77 + AN1x).. no strict pattern, just whatever happens really. Of course I also use soft synths (FM8, Pro53, Korg legacy, Moog etc).

Thinking about it, I think the AN1x and SY77 are the 2 synths I turn to first/mostly for a lot of my sounds (they cover a lot of space). The other stuff is more 'specific purpose' for me.

I'm missing a real VCO analog, something great for fast bass (an SH-2 would be nice)... will no doubt be trying lots of new (old) synths until the day they stick me in a box :)

Re: Your synths and their function/place within your setup

Posted: Thu Aug 20, 2009 10:46 am
by watari banzai
yamaha a3000-drums, bass, pads, keys, leads, samples, fx processor. theres some cool glitchy effects in here. also use this for hall reverb on the mixer sends

casio cz5000-stabs, digital bass, cold, dark strings, ring moddy leads

roland sh101-bass, sub bass, toms, arps, acid, portamento leads, noise, sweeps. i dont sequence this i just send a clock trigger and use the arp/sequencer or play it free

roland sh2-bass, sub bass, pwm leads, acid

yamaha cs-15-drones, sweeps and effects only. the keyboard is c**p, im c**p and i have no midi-cv for it

sequential circuits 6 trak-bass, simple pads, brassy stabs, leads, chord memory, osc filter ring mod type sickness

delta labs effectron I - delays, flange, chorus, feedback effects, its almost a synth!

sold my wavestation a/d so im lacking in the pads department. would have also used it as an extra fx processor. some kind of polysynth analog or va and an old rompler would tie it all up nicely

Re: Your synths and their function/place within your setup

Posted: Thu Aug 20, 2009 11:40 pm
by CfNorENa
Have only had these four up and running together for about a month, so I'm sure this will evolve considerably, but for now, I'm using everything in a more or less conventional way:

Juno 60: punchy bass; bright synth pads; arpeggiated polysynth sounds

JX-10: soft/warm pads and strings (simply unbeatable in this category!); brassy leads; slow sweeps

Blofeld: evolving, glassy, shimmering pads and washes; bass; metallic and bell-like timbres; supersaw leads etc.; anything requiring some real sonic mayhem.

M50: drums (on-board drum track a thing of beauty); all acoustic emulations (not quite up there with the Motif XS or Kurzweil family, but surprisingly good, with exception of ensemble brass); moving/evolving pads (a real strength, esp. when layered with either the Blofeld or the JX-10).

I really love all four of these. Down the road, though, I can see that I'm going to want some honest to goodness VCO synths, probably one mono and one poly. Preferably of the BIG AMERICAN persuasion (would love a P5, for example). But that will have to wait (and, truth be told, if I can't make good music with what I have, then I can't make good music!).