Good 64 Step MIDI Sequencer For Live Use? -lots of knobs etc

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Good 64 Step MIDI Sequencer For Live Use? -lots of knobs etc

Post by artfulideas » Tue Feb 05, 2008 12:43 pm

Heres the thing. I have the MFB Synth 2, which sounds great, but its internal 32 step sequencer is not very easy to use in a live seting.

I was thinking about just buying a cheap korg electribe EA-1 for its MIDI sequencing capabilities.

Are there other options as far as grooveboxes that can do 64 steps?

-MFB makes a 64 step sequencer but, like the MFB synth 2, it also looks not too easy to use live.

-What about the FutureRetro sequencer? Does this do 64 steps? I recall its only 16, but maybe its possible to chain them up easily? What about for live use?

Thanks in advance!
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