Couple Sherman Filterbank 2 Qs

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Couple Sherman Filterbank 2 Qs

Post by lotus-eater » Mon Mar 03, 2008 4:39 pm

I've decided to pick up a Prophet 08m for gigging. Judging by the hour or so I spent demoing the keyboard version, and my extensive experience with the evolver, the prophet should be able to cover most of the synth sounds I need. Where it's lacking (for me) is in the filter department. I love the SEM bandpass response in my ATC-X, and also the heftier, but still cutting, Arp 2600 low-pass; but if I can find a way to give the prophet similar powers, I'll be unloading the ATC.

The two options I'm leaning toward right now are the Sherman FB2 and The Harvestman Polivoks VCF housed in a Doepfer mini-case. The Sherman, at just over 700US is the most I'm willing to spend on this added functionality, so spare me your Ebbe und Flut recommendations. :lol:

The mini-modular route (which I've priced out at just under 600US) is going to consist of three modules: the Doepfer A-119 envelope follower; the Livewire Dual Bissell Generator; and the Polivoks VCF.

Soundwise my preference from the demos I've heard is for the Polivoks, but the Sherman would be a lot more convenient I think for gigging, since it could fit into a pop-up rack along witht the rest of my minimal setup. I haven't heard many demos of the FB2 filtering bass sounds, so I'm still open to the idea; but I'm cautious of picking up the Sherman without getting some pretty strong recommendations that are specific to my situation.

So here are my questions:

1) Is the filterbank envelope triggering really as difficult to set up as I've heard? Keep in mind I'm going to be using this thing live for filtering mono bass (no percussion).

2) (Seriously) Is it possible to coax smoother, deeper sounds out of the FB2 in lowpass mode, or is it strictly for spitting venom? Most of the demos I've heard have been high-resonance (almost to self-oscillation, which isn't something I plan to be using at all) filtering of drum loops. And heavy on the distortion, which isn't something I'm really looking for, but would be a nice bonus, as long as the filter can fatten up bass sounds.

I really just want a flexible multimode filter (though the only responses I need are low and band-pass) with an envelope follower, the output of which I can shape a bit (or better yet a triggerable ADSR), and an LFO would be nice to have as well.

The character of the filter should add something different from the curtis VCF in the prophet, and that something should be low-end pressure and a bit of dirt/instability.

If you have any other recommendations, or thoughts on the Polivoks VCF, let me know.

Thanks for your help!

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