Market for analog synths up sharply ?

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Post by sequence » Sat Mar 08, 2008 5:17 pm

CapnMarvel wrote: My understanding was that Wakeman used SE-1X's for Minimoog stuff.
On the Yes at Montreaux JF 2003 DVD during his outstanding 6WH8 "solo" he used his old battered "desert island" MiniMoog pretty extensively--altho in the mix it's way down. He also has a Voyager in the setup but I dont see him playing it much. Nice mix of romplers, VAs, and analogs tho.
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Post by Architecture » Sat Mar 08, 2008 8:44 pm

djfetus wrote:intresting topic. i wonder if people HERE like analog becuase the sound or becuase it was unique. me personally im not sure, but im defintly getting bored of typical analog sounds. doing some crazy digital pad or mangling samples is much more intresting, and if this trend continues it will be more cutting edge musicly then spitting out the same old analouge nioses.
and not that im saying analog cant do amazing things if you have a analogue synth with alot of modulation capabilities, but MOST dont. when it comes to analogue monos...say the moog prodigy for example, people program the same c**p over and over. most people who dont own a modular or a arp2600 wont be prograaming anything special without external fx.

Words of truth. I have felt the same way about analog synthesis for a long time. I bought my Andromeda just so i have an analog synth, for the bread and butter synth sounds, and also for its really sweet experimental potentials. The andromeda and the evolver are the ONLY analog synths that I consider having essential. Why the h**l do I need a moog for? when I can have a 4 osc patch or 32 osc patch that just kills anything, outside of a modular.

Im just waiting for a synth that'll bring in the new sound of the 21 century, but everything still sounds liek the 20th century, just now alot more overproduced and shinny.

thats why Im wanting to buy a sampler, for doing experiments with creating new synth sounds (like taking wierd things you would never think of musically, and make it highly musical).

I guess Absynth is one of those few synths that really scream 21st century.

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Post by elphcoil » Sun Mar 09, 2008 1:20 am

jut curious, can anyone quote a source for real sales figures or are we basing this statement off anecdotal observation?
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