Worst Roland Synth EVER!

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Post by Phollop Willing PA » Sun May 18, 2008 8:44 pm

Syn303 wrote:
Villi wrote:Ancient Greece and Rome seems to be a common source of synth names.
Indeed... to add another one >>

Spectral Audio's Neptune Synthesizer

That don't look like a Roland to me. Off topic alert! lol
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Post by fictionuk » Tue May 20, 2008 7:21 am

hopefully not the one ive just bought!

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Post by Neonlights84 » Tue May 20, 2008 7:34 am

BlackGnosis wrote:
Neonlights84 wrote:
tyrannosaurus mark wrote:sh-201

I had a play on one of these in a shop the other week and it sounded just awful
That's becuase it is. What's funny is they claim its the same as the JP8000...haha no, its not. I'm not sure if its the worst thing roland ever made, but i do know its a joke compared to the JP80x0.

Also, i know the mc-303 isnt the greatest thing in the world, but i had one for a spell and it never struck me as a total piece of garbage. I think it gets trashed way too hard on here. I mean for 125 bucks you can get drums, sequencing and some synth sounds, and it paved the way for other essential studio pieces like my EMX.
Good point, is it still in your studio?
No, I sold it long ago because I like the EMX much more. But what are you getting at? I've sold a ton of gear, but that doesn't mean i didn't like what i was selling, nor does it imply that its terrible. The mc-303 is a below average piece of gear, but it is no where near the worst thing that ever rolled out of Roland's doors.
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Post by BlackGnosis » Thu May 22, 2008 11:01 am

Hmm Maybe I should have state at the start of the thread that my top fav companies are Roland Access and Korg in that order. then again I also beleive the JP-8080 was the last worthy synth they've released, however this is my belief, you all may find something newer better but lets face it, Im about ready to sell my MC-808 since I only got it to record polyphonic stuff and be an all in one master sequencer and sampler. both which with a lot of time invested in menu-diving and learning and experimenting make it a top notch synth, however I miss the ease of use my EMX brought me, and the lack luster samples in it. I also use my computer to sequence things more now [ FLS 7 FTW!] however I like to take a pessimistic look at my favorite things.
Ashe37 wrote:I find it funny that you're a guitar pedal snob and yet don't own a single analog synth.

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Post by RawBC » Thu May 22, 2008 7:24 pm

Wow, what did everyone take their bike to the local corner store and buy some Roland flavored Hater-ade. Dang people.

You know, yes it stinks that the TB-303 costs so much, but if it stinks so bad, then why did so many folks copy, re-engineer, and make a ton of music with it? Answer me that. Why?

You know, it is a frustrating device to use if you don't know it. A lot of earlier synths are like that. I remember taking an electronic studio class and walking in and seeing the ARP 2600, and being like, "Holy c**p! That's sick..." And then I tried to use it with no instructions at all, just had at it, and I thought it was just awful (I know, that's heresy to some of you folks.) However, once I was pointed in the right direction, it was a great synth again. Wow, imagine how quickly an opinion can change once the right information is furnished.

You know, don't pan the MC-09, as much as some of you hate it, I love it (as well as other folks, too,) and I feel it's better that half the over priced 303 emulators out there. True, the orginal price I think was somewhere around $495, but that dropped quickly to $250 and under brand new. Mine was all of $125, now compare that to some of the other things out there that only do half of what this does.

You know, I love my RM1X to death, but I hate the keyboard buttons, they have the worst action to them regardless of what I set the velocity to. I hate using them somedays, especially in the real-time recording modes, but I love everything else about it.

Someone made a comment about how the MC-303 was the first all-in-one box, but I think the Roland PMA and the later Yamaha QY boxes still predate the MC-303. The MC-303 was the first groovebox-type device, and for what it's worth, it did usher in a new era of music making and making music affordable. I say that because there are all sorts of sounds on that replicated sound on machines that the average person couldn't afford - like the 303, 808, 909, Jupiters, etc. I don't own the MC-303, I don't have the urge to own one, unless it was a gift of course (because Ma always said it is kind of rude to turn down a gift.) But there is some merit of stepping into the brave new world by being what it is. Someone else, said they made a whole album with it in 1999. That's awesome. See...

Shame on you Electribe folks for panning the MC-303, because you're little boxes would not have probably existed if the MC-303 didn't exist and create a market for such devices. It's like making fun of other simians for not being human, yet all of us share the same basic structure as them.

You know, that could be a set of threads right there, what devices really changed the synth market for better or for worse, and where would we be without certain devices? You know, that's kind of like asking where would rock be without grunge - probably a lot of Camaros, shady perv moustaches, tight pants, sweat bands, razor cut t-shirts & jeans, and mullets. Lots of mullets, that weren't grown for being "anti" or "ironic".

Folks pan ROMplers and VA's, but then they brag about the soft synths they have. What kind of c**p is that? ROMplers, VA's, and soft synths are all basically doing the same thing - emulating. Sorry, all roads lead to Rome - so if you take the hills or ride the plains you're still getting to the same point.

Personally I think soft synths are kind of dumb, but I don't waste my time hating on them. I could go off on how stupid it is to have a faux vintage wood panel interface with knobs and sliders you still have to click and drag. The fun of a synth is having that knob or slider in your hand and tweaking it just right. Like when I use my Roland MC-09 and I tweak it to the right amount of gurgly goodness. I know, there are USB and MIDI based controllers that give you every knob to make it fart and whistle, and, again, that's why I don't hate on soft synths. Because you can, like an MC-09, MC-303, or a TB-303, make some great music with them.

To rephrase the trite, NRA pro-gun defense phrase - synths don't make music, people make music.

You know, I believe in freedom of expression. Everybody has there own opinions to quote Perry.) Just don't let your words blind you.
"I don't beat box, I have machines that do that..."

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Post by Solderman » Thu May 22, 2008 7:50 pm

RawBC wrote:It's like making fun of other simians for not being human, yet all of us share the same basic structure as them.
Dunno 'bout you but I don't dine with chimpanzees, although I know some parent's kids who can't say the same.
No one should be ashamed for stating their opinion, especially when the thread calls for it. Personally, I played the MC-303 when it was new, and just wanted to sample some of its internal sounds for my own sampler. But I wasn't that impressed with it either. I also knew at that point should the unit sell, Roland would continue to abuse their 80's products' names with digital c**p like this.
I am no longer in pursuit of vintage synths. The generally absurd inflation from demand versus practical use and maintenance costs is no longer viable. The internet has suffocated and vanquished yet another wonderful hobby. Too bad.
--Solderman no more.

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