Any opinions about Yamaha MDP-5 "Pocket Music Sequencer

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Any opinions about Yamaha MDP-5 "Pocket Music Sequencer

Post by zielvis » Mon Jun 30, 2008 2:08 pm


I'd like to ask if any of You have experience with this little... err... toy? I know it's really ridiculous compared to what is discussed usually here and even worse it stinks of a karaoke tool...

But I guess it would fit in my live set-up as a backing track player. It's more a guitar-oriented rig so I need something really simple.

My main worries are:

Can anything loaded into the unit be modified within it (notes' velocity, duration, pitch, phrases lenght, order etc.)?
What's the use of line and mic inputs (can the signals be routed through the FX section)?
Are the sounds any good?

Great thanks to everybody for a piece of advice,

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Re: Any opinions about Yamaha MDP-5 "Pocket Music Sequencer

Post by Antuan » Sun Oct 07, 2018 7:06 pm

Hi zielvis.

Better late than never, truth, I've registered to answer your questions.

Of course it fits into a guitar configuration. Moreover, it is possible to use the unit as a multi-effects, as the Mic Audio input can be controlled via MIDI. So in the MIDI sequence, you can enter control over the audio input, so that the effects change automatically. As for the sounds, they are the best I've heard, despite the time that has the sonic palette is spectacular, as well as the effects.
I'm using a 64Mb card that would hold about 3000 songs of about 4 minutes each. Polyphony is enough and you can control absolutely everything. This making modifications, like a pedal controller, when I finish with everything I will publish on my blog and upload here the link to the article.
I hope you answer, we are few users of this small great wonder that occupies only a pedal. Greetings!

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