Synths with a pedigree

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Re: Synths with a pedigree

Post by elphcoil » Sun Aug 03, 2008 6:50 pm

not a synth per se but i have an autographed/tagged korg kp2 that was used on tour by funkstörung.
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Re: Synths with a pedigree

Post by mpa1104 » Tue Aug 05, 2008 3:37 am

Unconfirmed, but upon inspecting my VCS3 and its serial number, Tristram Cary felt quite sure that it had spent some time in the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, so there's a fair chance mine has had its knobs twiddled by the likes of Malcolm Clarke, John Baker, perhaps even Delia!

Rick Wakeman obligingly signed a key on my Prophet VS.

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