K2000 preset in a 1981 song!

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K2000 preset in a 1981 song!

Post by lost cause » Mon Aug 18, 2008 7:47 am


To give you some background; I've been creating a groove template from Foreigner's 'Waiting for a girl like you'. I'm not using PT's Beat Detective or anything similar. I do it manually in Live, dropping warp markers in for every 8th note (yes, I'm a masochist :wink: ).

One of the techniques I employ is pitching the entire track down an octave so the song plays back at half tempo. This makes it easier to capture every nuance/fluctuation in the timing. Also, I've found this technique reveals details in a mix that are otherwise very difficult to pinpoint at the normal tempo. It's a ridiculously time consuming process but it's a very effective way of deconstructing a track... and I learn a lot. :D

Anyway, if you listen closely to the intro of 'Waiting for a girl like you', and later on near the end of the track, there's a sound that is exactly the same as one of the K2000 presets. It's mixed very low and is much easier to pick out if you pitch the track down. I can't remember the name of the preset (and my K2000 is back in the UK atm), but it's like an Electric Piano timbre with a lot of pitch modulation repeatedly transposing the sound up and down. I remember it was one of the better presets that first caught my ear when I bought the K2000 in Jan '92.

Thomas Dolby is credited with playing on this track and I'm assuming he was responsible for the pads/textures, but what gear was he using in 1981 that was capable of such digital textures? I've researched this as much as I can but so far I've been unable to find anything suitably specific on Dolby's contribution to the Foreigner 4 album sessions. I can only assume it was the PPG Wave Computer. Can anyone clarify? Does anyone know exactly what synths were used (and other than Dolby, who by)? :?:

Also, just out of curiosity, it would be interesting to learn who re-created this sound 10 years later for the K2000 presets. As ever, any info/contributions greatly appreciated!
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Re: K2000 preset in a 1981 song!

Post by portland » Tue Aug 19, 2008 8:57 pm

mp3 links?

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