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crappy happy tiny synths

Posted: Wed Dec 03, 2008 10:23 pm
by balma
Know one of them???
I think if any of these toy machines could make the difference on my music production.

These things are better to call them "sound generators" than synthesizers IMO. I have to confess that some of them call my attention.

Look this one:
mini sequencer with endless possibilites. Kind of a ROLAND TB-303 but much cooler & cheaper. The coloured buttons can be used to change the melody and rhythm - each color has a different tune. You can also change the speed and pitch of the sequence with 2 sliders.
Well the TB 303 is not my opinion, je je

BUGBRAND have a lot of this tiny synths.

This one is called "postcardweevil08"
The PostcardWeevil is a hyper-portable sonic world with three ring-modulated oscillators, power starvation, body contacts, line out and mini-amp, all in a package measuring just 7 x 8 cm!

Check out how it sounds:
The Weevil07
pulse shaping and power-starve operation, along with a filter upgraded to a resonant low-pass design.

Well, this blips sound good:

Dual sampler
An audio signal of up to about half a minute can be recorded onto the box's two lo-fidelity sampling chips. Samples can then be played back as loops and pitched either with a knob or with body contact points. The dual chips allow the same sample to be recorded onto both chips at the same time so that phasing playback can be initiated, and you can join multiple short bursts of recording together into one big sample.

Re: crappy happy tiny synths

Posted: Thu Dec 04, 2008 6:56 am
by tom Cadillac
I'v got a small 6 osc box, which came from ebay - sorry I'm at work and banned ebay so can't search for details or give a pic. But anyway I'v found it useful for live electronic sets - does a nice pulsing drone background thing. Then once you've got this sound source you can process it - usually rythmically is best - I happily ran this box through two step sequencers (which nicely fazed in and out of synch with each other) - but I feel this one box is enough for me. Its been a great thing to play around with, but I enjoy messing with more sophisticated things like samplers.

Though I think these small one man electronics products can get really interesting and are usually made by really dedicated inventive people. Mine came from the US and the guy even contacted me to see it had arrived ok.

Frostwave in Australia, though they are more ineo effect boxes, are really great - though I think he's having a break right now.

Re: crappy happy tiny synths

Posted: Thu Dec 04, 2008 3:23 pm
by pflosi

Mod it!