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Re: cutting the fat...

Post by cornutt » Sun Dec 28, 2008 7:27 pm

Well, let's see... of the things that I know something about:

The AX60, Poly 800, and Juno 2 are covering a lot of the same territory. I like the sound of the Juno, but the user interface on the Alpha Junos drives me batty. I don't like the sound of the Poly 800. So between the three, I'd keep the AX60. If you prefer the Roland sound, sell all three and put the money into a Juno 106, or a Juno 60 with MIDI.

Similarly, there appears to be a lot of overlap between the Micron, the MicroKorg, and the Waldorf. Between the three, I'd keep the Waldorf and sell the others. If you want something that sounds nastier than the Waldorf, sell them all and put the money towards a used Virus B.

If it were me, I'd sell the DX21 and put a copy of FM7 on the Mac. But that's just me.

I'd probably keep both of the MPCs and ditch all the rest of the drum machines. The ER1 is kind of cool, but if you have something else doing your sequencing, and you aren't playing the pad on it, there's not much point.

I'd be tempted to keep the Planet Phatt. There's nothing else in the list like it. Admittedly, though, editing without a computer is going to be a pain. Maybe put it in the closet for a while. If by this time next year you haven't pulled it back out, sell it. Another thought: Sell it and all of the Casios and put the money towards a Waldorf Microwave II. If you're going to do ambient, you need something that can do outrageous noises.
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Re: cutting the fat...

Post by adsr » Mon Dec 29, 2008 3:54 am

thank you all...great replies and great advise. i think my biggest issue is that i am firm believer in the fact that every synth is unique and has its own "sound". that said, i really do need to cut this in least.


everything else is still in limbo. some will stay but a lot is on its way out the door. i just dont know it yet...
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Re: cutting the fat...

Post by felis » Mon Dec 29, 2008 5:08 am

I'd only keep the Micron and Micro-Q.

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Re: cutting the fat...

Post by lhm1138 » Tue Dec 30, 2008 9:45 am

Sure, everythign has its idiosyncracies that makes it unique, but some things are "more unique than others". Plus if you don't use it, it's not much good to you.

Maybe sell the Akais and get an MPC4000. Then you have sequencing/drum pads with multisampling to boot. Sample all the ROM based stuff like Zoom, JV, Phatt and sell it. Akai's Intellisampling really makes this a lot less painful than it would be normally.

OR, try this. Put most everything in a closet and close the door. Leave a core setup of two or three pieces, say MPC2000, microkorg and SQ80. Work like that for a week or two.

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