What Drum Machines/sequencers did Depeche Mode use?

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What Drum Machines/sequencers did Depeche Mode use?

Post by chinchee » Tue Dec 30, 2008 1:03 pm

Anyone know what drum machines and sequencers Depeche Mode used early on 1981-1985?

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Re: What Drum Machines/sequencers did Depeche Mode use?

Post by Analogue Crazy » Tue Dec 30, 2008 1:26 pm

According to tjier biography 'Stripped', most drums on 'Speak and Spell' came from an ARP 2600. I belive they may have used a Korg KR-55 on the Some Bizarre version of 'Photographic', recorded in 1980 before thier first LP.
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Re: What Drum Machines/sequencers did Depeche Mode use?

Post by iProg » Tue Dec 30, 2008 1:56 pm

Concerts during 1981:

1 Moog Source synth
1 PPG Wave 2.0 synth
1 TEAC A3440 Tape Machine (w/ D.B.Y. Unit)
1 REVOX A77 Tape Machine
+ some other stuff

Some shows in the beginning of 1982 (See You Tour):

Martin: PPG Wave 2.0 and a Yamaha CS-5.
Fletch: Moog Source
Alan: Roland Promars ( it's a monophonic JP-4, without the arp. and less keys. It also has CV/gate in and outs.)

In the article named "The New Sythesizer Rock" (Keyboard Magazine 1982) the following equipments were listed: ARP2600, Moog Source, Roland Promars, Roland SH-1, Roland MC-4(early digital sequencer), Korg KR55 ( preset drum machine) Roland TR808 (programmable drum machine)

A Broken Frame Tour:

Alan: Roland Jupiter 8
Martin: PPG Wave 2.0)+ a small keyboard thing (! Martin's small keyboard had "Fairlite" (compared to the 100.000 USD Fairlight CMI sampler) written on the back of it:)). The small keyboard could actually have been Yamaha thing (Yamaha 5), which guys used when they started playing synths.
Fletch: Moog source

Construction Time Again Tour:

Alan: Roland Jupiter 8 + another keyboard (don't know which one)
Martin: Emulator I, Yamaha DX7
Fletch: Oberheim OB8

Some Great Reward Tour:

Alan: Emulator II, Roland Jupiter 8
Martin: Emulator I, Yamaha DX7
Fletch: Oberheim OB8

Celebration Tour

Alan: Emu Emulator II, Korg DW 8000
Martin: Emulator II, PPG Wave 2.3
Fletch: Oberheim OB, two Prophet 2000 samplers
The triggers were traslated w/ a Roland Octapad and sent to Akai s900 samplers for the sounds.

Concert for the Masses Tour:

Alan: EmaxHD & DX7II triggering EmaxHD Rack for Spare
Mart: Same
Fletch: EmaxHD & DW800 trigering EmaxHD for spare
Percussion pads behind them played the Spare Emax Tascam 48 Tape (Main) Tascam 38 (Spare)

Drum machines used were KR-55, KPR-77, Linndrum LM-1 Drum Computer (rare stuff :D) and Drumulator by E-mu. Other than that a lot of drums were made by synthesizers and then sampled and/or sequenced.

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Re: What Drum Machines/sequencers did Depeche Mode use?

Post by Micke » Tue Dec 30, 2008 6:28 pm

As far as their early studio albums are concerned....

Speak & Spell: (1981)
Kick drum sounds = ARP 2600
snares & hi-hats = Korg KR-55

A Broken Frame(1982)
As above plus TR-808 & Simmons SDS-V

Construction Time Again(1983)
E-mu Drumulator (mostly used for bass and snare sounds)
ARP 2600 (tom-toms and loads of other percussive effects)
Emulator I (sampled metal sounds, music boxes all sorts of things)

Some Great Reward(1984)
Mostly real drums/percussion sampled into the Synclavier II.

EDIT: sequencers included the Roland MC-4, ARP 1600, BBC micro computer-UMI 2B and sometimes the internal sequencer of the Synclavier.

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Re: What Drum Machines/sequencers did Depeche Mode use?

Post by DX » Tue Sep 19, 2017 9:04 pm

I Bring this thread up again just for add some information. They used the Boss DR55 in live shows during Vince Clarke era:
Roland Promars, E-mu EMAX and some other machines...

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