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The Rozzbox / synth design

Posted: Tue Feb 03, 2009 6:35 pm
by valdiorn
I know it started out as an idea for a PIC-based sub-250 dollar synth but quickly grew to 10x that price :) I'm an electrical engineer and I'm thinking about building something similar over the next months or years, started working on a digital osc. / DCO controller design today :) I was just curious if there were any hardware freaks in here with me, someone who knew if the Rozzbox was still running PICs for oscillators and filters, or if not, then what?

The voicecard, unfortunately I can't make out the labels on the juicy bits

If you want to share your knowledge of cheap-a*s synth design, please be my guest :)

Re: The Rozzbox / synth design

Posted: Thu Feb 05, 2009 2:45 am
by johans121
You're posting in the wrong forum, my friend. You should check out the DIY forum over at You will find many many many technical discussions over there, and if you're not finding what you are looking for, I'm sure someone will have an answer for you if you ask.