becoming a Subtractive Synthesis Wizard

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Re: becoming a Subtractive Synthesis Wizard

Post by Psy_Free » Sat Aug 11, 2012 12:48 pm

This thread is 3 & a half years old. I think the OP might have sussed it out by now or no longer care.
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Re: becoming a Subtractive Synthesis Wizard

Post by vvd » Sun Aug 12, 2012 5:39 am

Still no wizard here. Thats because I still don't have a sophisticated knobby synth to play with. My Micron I fail to program because it's no fun!@ I know my Doepfer Dark Energy though - what sounds it can do and how to get them. It's not much but It's useable stuff. Micron is just presets for me with maybe one or two tweaks if needed. It's kinda sad as I'd really like to be a wizard - it must be awesome to know exactly how to create all the sounds a more complex synth is capable of producing. :)

Thanks for all the advices. Pretty nice thread, many good advices. I think I forgot about this when I got disappointed with tweaking the Micron. Just recently I spend all my money for an Octatrack, OP-1 and two FX pedals (and all the hidden extra costs that come with it, like cables and and and). All much needed stuff - good for jamming and producing tracks. Maybe some day I can buy me some Cweijman or a Moog Voyager or something like that. :)

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Re: becoming a Subtractive Synthesis Wizard

Post by gs » Mon Aug 13, 2012 12:27 am

Most likely the presets in the Micron that amaze you have a lot more going on than just VCO, filter, VCA and LFO. These sounds are probably utilizing the modulation matrix, which as you know most synthesizers don't have. Understanding the mod matrix is not a beginners thing. It takes time.
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Re: becoming a Subtractive Synthesis Wizard

Post by SoonerBJJ » Sat Aug 25, 2012 7:35 pm

I'll share my own experience with learning subtractive synthesis. There are a few very good Youtube tutorials, i.e. NY School of Synthesis and the Moog series, that provide an excellent overview in sufficient depth to get started tweaking. I started out with Animoog but have since moved on to Magellan for my technical exercises. I've found Magellan to have a more conventional layout that matches those of the older instructionals. Now, I'm working my way through Devarahi's "Complete Guide to Synthesizers." Used copies can get pricey through the usual outlets, but there is a PDF version on the net. I'm finding this to be an EXCELLENT resource. It has a series of "experiments" that the reader performs in order to understand a given technical explanation. This will get anyone from zero to apprentice synthesist very quickly.

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